Singapore Eatery Has a $10 Surcharge If There Are ‘Screaming / Uncontrolled Children’


There’s nothing more annoying than being interrupted by screaming four-year-olds when you’re having a nice, quiet dinner.

So to prevent that, a Singapore restaurant, Angie’s Oyster Bar & Grill, has implemented a $10 charge for families that bring “screaming children”.

Their move has raised some questions among parents and one particular diner was quite unhappy with the new rules.

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According to the diner, their family frequented Angie’s in the past and found the food to be decent.

Deciding to come back, they made a reservation and indicated that they would be bringing their child along.

To their surprise, the restaurant messaged the family and told them that a baby chair was not available as they were not a kid-friendly restaurant.

What shocked them more was when they were told that no screaming or uncontrolled children will be tolerated and a $10 charge will be implemented if it happens.

But that doesn’t mean that children are banned from dining at Angie’s. No charge will be applied as long as they do not make a scene.

Restaurant’s Response

Angie’s Oyster Bar and Grill responded to the diner’s review and explained their reasoning behind the new surcharge.

Image: Tripadvisor

Apparently, the restaurant has been receiving an increasing amount of complaints of children running around and disturbing other customers during their service.

They added how it was dangerous as their servers are also carrying hot plates and sharp utensils.

Although most of the time, the parents or guardians of the child would be able to handle the situation after being told, there were a few instances where it did not work and disrupted the customers.

To create a pleasant and memorable dining experience for their customers, they were left with no choice but to implement the charge.

They hope for their diners to respect their fellow diners and the restaurant to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Not The Only Restaurant That Is Not Kid-Friendly

Angie’s Oyster Bar and Grill isn’t the only restaurant that is not kid-friendly.


Ce Le Vi, located at the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands, does not accommodate any strollers. Unsurprisingly though, as it also doubles as a club.

P.S Cafe at Ann Siang Hill used to deny children as the outlet was small and had many steps.

Other Kid-Friendly Restaurants

Fret not though, there are many other restaurants in Singapore that accommodate children.

The first being IKEA Tampines located at 60 Tampines North Drive 2. They even have a playroom where you can leave your children while shopping for furniture.

Another would be Prive Cafe with many outlets around Singapore. Their atmosphere is cosy and vibey and if you’re lucky, some outlets might even have live music playing.


There’s also Treehouse Cafe located at 200 Turf Club Rd. Not only do they serve good food but they also have an indoor playhouse and also various dedicated children play areas which will certainly be a children’s heaven.

But the best meal for a family would definitely be home-cooked.

I mean, it’s cost-efficient and you don’t have to travel. Why not?

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