Fireworks Will Finally Be Back During This Year’s Countdown Party


As we gradually start regaining our pre-COVID-19 privileges again, some of us seem happier than others.

I’m not talking about you dating app dwellers who can finally avoid falling into the mask-fish trap.

I’m talking about all those who missed the live performances, the cheer and the high spirits down at Marina Bay every New Year’s Eve.

The fireworks will finally be returning to Marina Bay this New Year’s Eve, the first since COVID-19 took everything away from us.

Star Island, which Singaporeans have to thank for the full hour of the Japanese fireworks show at both the 2018 and 2019 countdown parties, is once again responsible in putting up the fireworks show this year.

We can expect to start 2023 off with a bang, or rather, multiple bangs. Aside from the explosive line-up on New Years’ Eve itself, Star Island will also be hosting a pre-show activation at the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza, the first of its kind.

Expect to be dazzled by Star Island’s artisanal fireworks and pyrotechnics, not once, but twice.

I guess that makes up for the two years that Singaporeans had to make do with heartland firework displays, and at least that Ubi resident doesn’t have to worry about stray firework projectiles flying towards his window again.

More details on Star Island’s programmes and ticketing will be out on their website in due time.

A Concert, a Circus & a Carnival  

If fireworks aren’t your cup of tea, you can look forward to other activities to usher in the new year, and the new you as well.

Mediacorp’s Let’s Celebrate 2023 countdown concert will also be returning. It’s no Eric Chou or Billie Eilish concert, but after the entire COVID-19 experience, I trust that we all know more than enough about supporting local. You know what to do.

Still not satisfied?

The Great Bay Fiesta, organised by the entertainment arm of our beloved Uncle Ringo, will also be happening throughout the entirety of December, and there’s something for everyone.

With 30 food stalls set up, foodies can expect to leave not only with their hearts full but with their stomachs full as well. The more adventurous ones can also expect a circus showcasing a series of jaw-dropping stunts and performances, while the sentimental among us can expect a carnival that will bring you back to the Great World Amusement Park, or what some may know more affectionately as Tua Seh Kai.

The sheer variety of activities happening guarantees fun for everyone, so head down to Bayfront this December and have yourself a blast as we usher in 2023.

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