Organisations Prepare for S’pore GP Race in Sept 2020 with Live Audience & Parties Despite Uncertainty

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there isn’t much good news or celebrations to be happy about.

Even our NDP funpacks are not worth getting excited about. Because let’s face it; no one has the mood for it, and its a waste of resources given the current economy.

However, when it comes to the Singapore Grand Prix, we might have a different reaction.

Some of us might have already got our “super early bird” promotional tickets last year, and were looking forward to it.

The route closures, the racing; everything about the Grand Prix makes it exhilarating.

But what’s the fate of this year’s Grand Prix? What can we expect out of it given this pandemic?

Organisations Prepare for S’pore GP Race in Sept 2020 with Live Audience & Parties Despite Uncertainty

You can expect that preparations have started for this year’s Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix.

Yes, despite the uncertainty, there might still be live audiences.

According to checks by The Straits Times, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) have put up at least four tenders related to the set-up of viewing facilities and ancillary activities for the September Formula One race.

Between February to April, the construction and fitting out of the Temasek and Singapore suites at the F1 Pit Building were set up.

In addition, the shuttle bus services for suite guests and precinct parties were also arranged to be held in Orchard Road and Clarke Quay.

This is part of the Grand Prix Season Singapore that is scheduled to happen from 11 to 20 September.

There will be other tenders related to works, carrying out at the F1 Pit Building and storage site in Tampines.

Despite the current COVID-19 situation, promoter Singapore GP stated that it is not feasible to conduct the race behind closed doors, as it is a street circuit.

Because let’s face it: you’re there to hear the engines, not look at a car that’ll disappear within nanoseconds.

It was initially planned to have a “mega outdoor party” in Clarke Quay and partnerships with nightclubs in the area. Besides that, race-themed activities were planned in and around Orchard.


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However, the tenders have to factor in regulations into their proposals due the COVID-19 pandemic now.

According to the request for proposal, a contractor is expected to be appointed by early next month.

So does that mean we’d know if there would be a race by next month?

Assessing Feasibility Of The Race

With regards to the feasibility of proceeding with the race, STB responded that it is working closely with Singapore Grand Prix and other government agencies to access the situation.

STB stated that more lead time for planning and preparation is necessary, given that it is a street circuit.

If the event is cancelled by any chance, any awarded tenderers will be paid for work done. The works will then be deployed for future use if possible.

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Meanwhile, the authorities will be monitoring and assessing developments in the global and local COVID-19 situation. Hence, the appropriate timelines for gradual resumption of more business and activities will be determined accordingly.

With that, STB expressed that the safe distancing measures at the parties and the opening of entertainment establishments in Clarke Quay by September will be dependent on the timelines after the Circuit Breaker.

If all goes well, we will be expecting the race and the party to continue on.


In the meantime…


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