Slow News Day, So Here’s Just a Python Chilling in Yishun

I am pretty sure you’re sick of seeing Llaollao on your newsfeed today; I know I am.

So I begged my editor, “Can I please write anything other than Llaollao, please please please?”

With begging, you can get away with anything!


So here I am writing about Nagini…I mean a python chilling in Yishun.

Of all places, it had to happen in Yishun.

That place is like a magnet for all things odd.

What Happened

Stomper Fjiko was in his flat (probably lepaking) when his neighbours called out to him to take a look outside his window on 2 Dec at about 8:30 P.M.

To his surprise, he saw an enormous snake on the roof of a pavilion at Block 398, Yishun Ring Road.


“We were shouting at the people downstairs to warn them of the snake”, he said.

I wonder how a snake of that size could slither its way up to a roof.

Huge python on roof near Yishun block shows the best way to sp…

Huge python on roof near Yishun block shows the best way to spend a weekday eveningRead the full story here:

Posted by Stomp on Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Judging from the video, it doesn’t seem to be disturbing anyone or maybe it’s just suffering from a bad food coma.

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Nevertheless, the python was rescued.

By who?

I think you should know by now that whenever there is a wild animal on the loose, there will always be members from the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society not too far behind.

They came and rescued it.

They also mentioned that snakes like pythons are shy animals who will move away unless provoked.

“If you see a python, call us at 97837782. Keep a distance and monitor the snake’s movement,” they added.

That’s it, guys! Told you it was a slow news day…but hey, at least it doesn’t have anything to do with froyo!

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