There Are Now Temp Jobs as Social Distancing Ambassadors That Pay Up to $2.5K a Month


Have you always wanted to do your part for Singapore?

Do you daydream about coming back home, watching the news and thinking, ah, I helped contribute to this.

Because if you do, hear this:

Your country needs you now.

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S’pore’s Really Serious About Social Distancing

In case you’re unaware, Singapore’s really serious about their new social distancing measures.

How serious?

So serious that they’re willing to throw you into jail for it.


And if you’ve downloaded our app and read our articles regularly, you’ll know that the authorities are coming up with new measures every day.

Which, while great for fighting Covid-19, can be pretty confusing.

HaoLian45: Walao eh, got so confusing meh?

Well, did you know that couples and families can actually sit together at a table?

HaoLian45: Oh…

Enter The Social Distancing Ambassadors

Yesterday (28 Mar 2020), a job posting appeared on FastJobs, a jobs portal:

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Become a social distancing ambassador and earn up to $2,500 per month!

The objective of the position is to help ensure safe distancing measures across 111 hawker centres across Singapore.

Job Scope:

The main scope is to guide and encourage hawker centre patrons in obeying safe distancing measures.

So things like:

  • Asking patrons to sit on unmarked seats
  • Make sure that they keep a 1-metre distance when queueing up
  • Encouraging people to take away food when the hawker centre is full.
  • And getting patrons to return their own trays so as to limit the transmission of Covid-19 to the elderly cleaners

Ad-hoc duties might also be required.

Working Hours:

The position has three types of shifts available:

  • Day Hawker Centres (8am to 5.30pm) / lunch: 11am to 12pm
  • Night Hawker Centres (12pm to 9.30pm) / dinner: 5pm to 6pm
  • Full-Day Hawker Centres (8am to 2pm) / lunch: 11am to 12pm and (6pm to 9.30pm) / dinner to be taken before shift starts

At least two shifts have to be chosen: 1 full and 1 day/night shift.



  • Minimum Diploma / Higher NITEC
  • Be fluent in English and mother tongue, dialect is a bonus
  • Passionate, warm, outgoing with good communication skills
  • Able to persuade others to change their mindset and/or behaviour
  • Able to perform rotating shift work including weekends and after office hours
  • Candidates with sales and promotion experience will be an advantage
  • Able to work from 26 Mar onwards
  • Able to work under a typical Hawker Centre environment

But You Can’t Fine People

In case you can’t tell from the description of the job, it’s likely that this position is going to be physically demanding as you walk around and patrol your area of responsibility.

And be prepared for a lot of scolding from disgruntled or embarrassed Singaporeans who don’t like being told what to do.

But if you’re looking for a worthwhile job, or just a job to earn a living because you’ve been retrenched due to Covid-19, this could be the position for you.

Just know that no matter how mad you get, you can’t fine people for breaking safe distancing measures.

And if anyone was to come up to you and issue you a fine, you know they’re probably scammers.

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