Someone Created An MRT Map To Show The Real Distances Between MRT Stations


I believe that like us, you know that the current MRT map we see everywhere is a representation.

Aka an agarration.


I mean, even a 6-year-old won’t believe that our country’s MRT stations can be built so neat and tidily.

Kids are just that savvy these days.

But we’re so used to the MRT map we never stopped to wonder what a real map of the MRT lines looks like.

Until someone went to do a gif on it and showed us, that is.

Image: Reddit Singapore

And another answered a question we didn’t even know we wanted to know.


Why is the MRT map so different from what it really is?

Do you know why?

I bet most of you (including me) thinks that it’s because it looks nicer. 

But that’s wrong.

Another Reddit user, skatyboy, answered the question for us.

Image: Reddit Singapore

In a nutshell, the transit map is something you use to find stations and roughly plan your journey there. If it was messy, it’ll be harder to find your way. 

Straight lines just make things easier. 

He went on to explain that the map was inspired by Harry Beck’s 1933 London Underground map design.

Image: Pinterest

The creator of the map explained that he was inspired by another Reddit thread which did the same thing for Berlin Metro. 

So he thought it’ll be cool to do one for Singapore too.

He explained that the Jurong Region Line and Cross Island line were excluded because the stations are still in the planning phase. He also excluded the Circle Line Stage 6 as it was not present on LTA’s official map yet.

If this were a Reddit thread, it would probably go under TIL (Today I Learnt) for me. 

Interesting, no?

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Feature Image: Reddit Singapore

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