Someone is Drying Meat Along HDB Public Area on Beach Road But They’re Allegedly Not For Sale

One of the great things about living in sunny Singapore is that our clothes usually dry pretty quickly when we hang them outside to dry, removing the need for a dryer.

Unfortunately, some residents decided to abuse our good weather for something highly questionable: Drying their meat outdoors on clothing racks.

Residents and health authorities are unamused to say the least.

A bird stands on a hanger covered with meat. (provided by respondents)
Image: Lianhe Zaobao

This unsanitary and unsightly appearance was spotted by individuals along Beach Road.

The rack, clearly meant for clothing, is seen filled with layers of sliced meat and left on the balcony to dry like it’s a makeshift Mookata buffet.

Both flies and birds would land on the meat from time to time, making a serious health hazard if consumed by humans.

Nearby HDB Residents Spotted Meat-Drying Culprits on Several Occasions

A reporter from Shin Min Daily News visited on Sunday (4 September). The second floor of the alleged HDB flat where the racks of meat were spotted was open to the public, but due to the cloudy weather that day, no drying of meats was observed.

However, two barbecue grills and an oven rack could be spotted along one of the walls, which is believed to be related to the unhygienic practice.

When speaking to one resident, Ms Lin, 41, she said that she would often see other female residents using hangers to dry their meat every now and then, and take them down if it is cloudy or starts raining.

Another male resident who lives on the third floor also told Shin Min Daily News that he too, would observe racks of meat lined up against the wall where they would dry all afternoon.

“There are a lot of air-conditioning compressors upstairs, so the meat slices will inevitably get dusty,” he said.

He also went on to elaborate that this had been an ongoing issue for a few years now. Health authorities had be sent to investigate. The women responsible for it stopped drying their meats outside for awhile, but restarted their operations soon after.

“I don’t think it’s very hygienic, and since I don’t know how the meat will be processed later, I wouldn’t buy it,” the man concluded.

Wise choice, my friend.

Woman says Jerky is Not For Sale but Made for Friends

When Shin Min Daily News reporters visited the site again on Monday morning (5 September), they found 10 people in on the second floor in action. Three of the women were seen handling fresh minced meat and a woman in a red T-shirt was curing the minced meat.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

The nearby HDB flat unit was apparently decked out with a complete set of kitchen equipment, and there were even iron pots used by hawkers visible.

Upon noticing the reporter walking in, a woman in a white T-shirt who was processing the jerky in the kitchen hurriedly threw away the food.

Another woman admitted in an interview that she did in fact dry the meat outside, but that the jerky was given to her friends to consume.

I guess giving your friends food poisoning is somehow better than giving it to the general public?

The reporters did not find the any of the jerky being sold in nearby stores.

Not the First Time it’s Happened

Back in 2018, Shin Min Daily News reported on an incident which occurred outside an HDB flat unit in Beach Road Block 1. Someone had set up an iron mesh similar to ones used in a barbecue and used the hot air blowing form the air-conditioning compressor to dry their fresh meat.

It would then be fried into strips of jerky and put on sale. Hygiene concerns further escalated when it was discovered that there were people drying pork on the ground floor of HDB Block 6.

After the news agency exposed the entire operation, authorities were sent to conduct investigations, where they subsequently found three stores suspected of selling the illegally produced jerky nearby.

When the reporter visited a few days ago, he found that a store sold jerky for 5 yuan per box. (file photo)
Image: Shin Min Daily News

It was going for only 5 bucks a pop, but hey, that’s still probably not worth the potential stomachaches and trips to the toilet.

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Featured Image: Lianhe Zaobao