2 Women Attacked by Unknown Men While Clubbing at Marquee


Marquee is Singapore’s largest club, featuring a Ferris wheel and a slide inside, located at Marina Bay Sands.

With its pristine location, you rarely hear of any fights going down at Marquee, at least in the media.

That changes now as 23-year-old Leanne O’Donnell had to be sent to the hospital after getting assaulted by random strangers at the biggest club in Singapore.

2 Women Attacked by Unknown Men While Clubbing at Marquee

O’Donnell and her friends were at Marquee on Saturday (3 September) to catch KSHMR, a guest DJ who flew in from overseas.

She entered at around 11:45pm and was having the time of her life. But at around 2:30am, her fun was cut short.

Her date, Julia Wong, was dancing at a podium and made eye contact with a man with chin-length hair.

“…out of nowhere he just charged towards us,” O’Donnell says in her series of Instagram stories.

He then pushed Wong off the podium and to the floor and began kicking her.

Another man also joined the assault, most likely from the same group.

The height of the podium was around a metre high so the fall must’ve been quite bad especially if she was in heels.

O’Donnell noticed the situation and tried to push the random men away from her date but she was pushed down instead and became the next target of abuse.

“I can barely pick up a spoon to eat my food, I can barely hold my phone,” she explains.

The assault lasted around two to three minutes before the bouncers stepped in.

O’Donnell was guided to the back room to be given first aid immediately after.

According to her Instagram stories, O’Donnell and Wong have never met these men before and have no idea why they were attacked.

But the part of the night that O’Donnell was most pissed off about was the fact that she missed the entirety of KSHMR’s event.


Priorities, man.

For $60, she was only able to catch KSHMR for 15 minutes before things went down.

Despite the incident, O’Donnell will still be going back to Marquee in the coming month to catch another guest DJ. After all, it was not the club’s fault but the attacker’s instead.

To date, O’Donnell and Wong are still looking for information on her attackers as the only details that she could remember was the fact that it was a tall, Chinese male with chin-length hair and an Indian man.

She is unsure if there were more people involved in the assault as the whole situation was chaotic.


“I really, really, thought I was going to die,” she recalls after watching a video of the incident that was sent by a witness.

A police report has been filed and investigations are still ongoing.

If you have details on her assailants, you can contact O’Donnell on her Instagram.