Someone Proposed During StanChart Marathon & It’s Sweetness Overload

Yesterday, I talked about how the Standard Chartered Marathon was a hot mess but in life, there is always a silver lining. If you can’t find it, look harder then.

And that is coming from someone who is a pessimist at heart.
So amongst the irritated and tired crowd, there was a couple who were all smiles at the end of the run.

No, there weren’t any Big Macs at the finish line.

One of the participants, Willie, decided to pop the question to his girlfriend, Karen, after completing the half marathon—21.1 km.


I can only imagine how nerve-wracking it must be to propose to someone, but I reckon Willie got the runner’s high (a rush of endorphins) to help him muster every ounce of courage.

Like any well-written rom-com, Karen said, “yes!”


I don’t even know them personally but I am happy! I am a hopeless romantic deep down—told you I am pretty optimistic for a pessimist.

The story behind the proposal is even more sappy, in a good way.

Unlike Karen, Willie is an avid runner and he was really touched that she would go the extra distance for him as this was her very first run.

He was meaning to propose to her sometime and I guess he felt that this would be a perfect time.

Are you tearing yet?

Here comes the tear-jerking part.

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He actually used his mother’s engagement ring to propose to her as it holds special significance.

For those who are wondering: Yes, he carried the ring throughout the race.


If you want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, here you go:

And she said YES 💍 Congratulations to Willie & Karen! #SCSM2017 is the first time the couple is running together, and Willie carefully kept the ring with him throughout the whole Half Marathon. What's more precious is that the ring holds special significance as it's actually Willie's mom's engagement ring. Find out more in this mini interview 😍👇🏼Pssst…catch the ACTUAL proposal on Instagram here 👉🏼

Posted by Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon on Saturday, 2 December 2017

So the next time you want to propose to someone, do it when you’re drowning with endorphins if you want the extra boost of confidence.

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