Song-Song Couple Had Many Offers to Sponsor Their Wedding But They Rejected All


Last Updated on 2018-01-06 , 12:17 pm

Unless you’ve been living under a dome-shaped cave with a TV and bed, you would have heard of the whole Song Joong Ki-Song Hye Kyo marriage episode. Or not.


Considering their immense popularity, it somewhat came as a surprise that their wedding was a relatively quiet affair, compared to many of their celebrity counterparts.

But here’s an arguably even more surprising thing.

According to reports, the Song-Song couple actually turned down all sponsorship offers for their wedding!

What exactly happened?

Seeing how the couple’s a practical powerhouse in the entertainment industry, many businesses naturally went knocking on their doors, offering sponsorship in a bid to increase visibility for their brand reputation.

However, the couple ended up rejecting each and every one of them.

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The reason’s as follows:

They wish to depend on themselves for their own marriage.

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Apparently so.

The Song-Song couple have also expressed their thanks for the sponsors’ kind gestures.

Mad respect

Following the revelation, Netizens were generally supportive and complimentary of the Song-Song couple’s actions.

To which I agree whole-heartedly too. Mad respect, Captain Yoo and Dr Kang! Money is able to tempt even the most benevolent person on Earth, and it’s heartening to see individuals derail from that perception for once. Kudos!

But then what else did we expect? It’s Captain Yoo and Dr Kang, after all. 😉


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