Soon, You Might be Able to Use WhatsApp on Your Tablet. Like, Finally


iPad users, I am sure you would have used WhatsApp Web on your tablet and thought to yourself this: we have robots and driverless cars in the world but there is no WhatsApp app for tablets.


Well, hold that thought cause the app will be available on iPads in due time.

WhatsApp is really stepping up its game, from their Delete for Everyone feature (which is a lifesaver btw) to the new Live Location feature (another lifesaver tbh)

Now, this new upcoming feature will definitely content tablet users.

What it is all about

WABetaInfo is your unofficial source of news for all-things WhatsApp.

They can be considered reliable as they mentioned about the Delete for Everyone feature before it was rolled out to the public.


So you can understand why iPad users were excited when they tweeted this on 11 November.


Followed by this tweet…


The Tweet included the screenshot of the WhatsApp Desktop 0.2.6968 which includes new references to the WhatsApp app for iPads.

Though they can’t confirm if it’s a standalone app or a client application aka WhatsApp Web.

If it is the latter, it doesn’t make any sense since people are already using WhatsApp Web on it.

So while we wait and see, I guess for now you have to stick to your iPhone or WhatsApp Web.


Extra nuggets of information

According to Telegraph, soon you will be able to make payments via WhatsApp. This new feature will be first introduced in India for trial.

India Today reported that the feature is already in its final stages and it will soon be available next month in India

Exciting times are ahead.

Who would have thought WhatsApp would eventually take over SMS?


I mean we all started freaking out when it was down for a 45 minutes, two weeks ago. That was when the world realized that life is more than just WhatsApp.

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