Soon, S’pore’s First Death Museum Would Be Open in Haw Par Villa

This death museum has no fancy name, just straight and in-your-face.

It’s called Hell’s Museum and will be officially launched in June 2018.

Right in Haw Par Villa, the place that has given kids nightmare.

As its name suggests, you will expect everything from hell. Not in a negative light . In fact, it is very educational.

Look forward to being exposed to Asia’s death rituals, funerary practices and various religious beliefs on the afterlife.

There’s always a taboo surrounding topics of death right? While this may not be totally acceptable for the more conservative groups, death is a beautiful thing to me.

Death is unavoidable. We will all face it one day, the young, old, good or poor in health. There’s really nothing to fear.

Thus, I’m all up and ready for the launch of Hell’s museum in 2018! I heard that the museum will be divided into 3 sections – West Asia, South Asia and East Asia – and features practices and beliefs from these regions.

It’s a really awesome opportunity to learn of the cultures of other parts of the world! When and where do we actually get to learn about that, tell me?

Well, and since it’s Hell’s museum after all, don’t be shocked if you see coffins lying around like this:


Yeah, the above is a sneak peak of Journeys staff setting up the Hell’s Museum.

Pretty sure pantan people would not even look at it.

Journeys, which manages several heritage sites and three museums, including Changi Museum, will be the brainchild behind our Hell’s museum.

And coffins will not be the only thing you see.

According to Journeys director Jeya Ayadurai, the team has plans to build mock tombs of different ethnic and religious groups to expose visitors to different forms of death architecture.

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Maybe not to the extent of making jokes of it, but hey… just for laughs.

To be honest, I hope Singapore will grow to be more tolerable of “forbidden” subjects. We can take inspiration from across the world.

Did you know that in Birmingham, there’s a “death festival” where you can make your own coffin and explore the history of funeral food?


Look at that! You get to make environmentally friendly willow caskets. How cool is that? It’s an out-of-the-world experience I’ll definitely sign up for.

Or what about celebrating death, dancing like these funeral pallbearers from Ghana?

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Like how we celebrate new life, why not be joyful for death too?


I’ve a few ideas for my own funeral. I’ll have a death theme for my wake and I’ll get whoever who’s preparing for my after-life to blast k-pop songs.

Haters be hating because I’m always snatched.

Or maybe I won’t have any funeral at all. I don’t even know where I’ll be at the world when I die. I’m working on that one way ticket, remember? Life is too short to be stuck in Singapore.

And yes, with that said…

Are you Team PMSO (Putting My Swag On) or Team Conservative?


Now, we’re still more than eight months from the opening of this museum, but here’s the question: would you visit it?

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