Soon, Your TP Tester Will be Cameras & Sensors. Yeah, No Human Tester


Is it me or is Singapore trying to move into the future asap?

First, it was the robot cleaners in food courts.

Followed by the KL-SG High-Speed Rail which will be completed in 2026 and then the hands-free fare gate which will be available at selected train stations next year.

What’s next?

Singapore outdid itself, once again, with its implementation of intelligent cameras and sensors during driving lessons and tests.


You can close your mouth now.

On 21 October, during the Singapore Road Safety Council Gala Dinner, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law, Mr K Shanmugan announced that the Traffic Police will trial an Intelligent Driving Circuit (IDC) at the Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC) in 2021.

Yes, no more driving instructors!

I guess this will be good news for students who get nervous when instructors are breathing onto their necks (or making excessive small talk) while learning to drive.


Mr Shanmugam mentioned that this technology will allow lessons to be conducted outside of the current operating hours.

This will definitely be helpful for people who work shift hours.

He also said that it will enhance the effectiveness of lessons and increase productivity

How would it work though?


Will we be greeted by a Siri-like robot once we enter the car?

Will she berate us if we take the wrong turn?

I guess, for now, we have to wait and see.

Virtual Reality

The Singapore Road Safety Council, Traffic Police and Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) have worked together to raise road safety awareness through Virtual Reality.

Come 2019, all new learners who want to get behind the wheels will go through computer simulation training.


They will learn defensive driving skills in a safe and control environment; you won’t be in actual danger.


Trial sessions will be available next year February.


It does seem exciting and all but I am sure with every new upgrade, there will be a hiccup of sorts that is bound to happen.

While this is just one of the many steps taken to move towards a smart nation, it has got me thinking—what will happen to the driving instructors?

Will they be obsolete?


Just earlier this month, I wrote about how a cleaner urged one of the Straits Times writers to not return her tray as she wanted to keep her job.

It is such a daunting thought, to be honest. Why can’t we have it all!

For those who are not a fan of this new technology, then I suggest you better take your TP asap!

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