This Sound Wave Tattoo That You Can Listen To Is Driving Netizens Crazy Everywhere

Tattoos might have a slightly bad reputation in Singapore, seeing how there are so many bad-mannered Ah Bengs and Ah Lians sporting them.

This naturally causes some of us to have a less than pleasant first impression when we see them.

But tattoos can be cool too!

The Rock is one that totally rocks those tats…


And we all know he’s one of the most charismatic and gentlemanly personalities in the world.

Not to mention that the lovely Emma Watson has one too!


She’s really grown up from the cute, studious character she played on Harry Potter, huh?

So yeah, tattoos are slick if applied the right way.

Some people have them done because they want a loved one’s image on their body – just so that they can see it every day and be reminded of him or her.

There are also some that like a certain design and feel compelled to have it imprinted on themselves.

It really varies from person to person.

What if… I told you that there’s a tattoo that can playback audio?


Check out the video below to see whether I’m pulling your leg.

Nate Siggard is a LA-based tattoo artist who created sound wave tattoos.

The idea came after his girlfriend commented that “tattoos would be cooler if they could be heard”.

How does it work?

First, you got to download the app called ‘Skin Motion’.

Then you got to record and upload your chosen audio clip on the app, purchase the Soundwave Tattoo off the website and get it tattooed by a Skin Motion certified artist.

A certain number of Soundwave Tattoos will be made available for pre-order before the Skin Motion app launch in Summer 2017, and if you become part of the waiting list, you will not only be one of the first to get it but will also be eligible for a 10% discount.


This is a pretty cool concept if you think about it. You can listen to your loved one’s voice anytime: when you’re out or when you’re at work.

Even when you’re in the toilet and facing severe constipation issues.


Even though I’m not really a tattoo kind of guy, I’m still impressed enough to actually consider it. I feel that it would be wicked to have… maybe a song that I can play anytime on my arm!

But just imagine if your tattoo artist decides to be a prick and does ‘Despacito’ for you.


The nightmare.

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