South Korea Opening Borders Completely from 1 Oct Without a Need for PCR Test


Like falling dominoes, Asian countries (except China) are easing back on their travel restrictions.

Joining the relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions for travellers this week is South Korea.

From 1 October onwards, the country will be removing the mandatory polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test upon arrival for travellers, reported Yonhap news agency.

With the removal of the PCR testing requirements, it means that South Korea has returned to pre-pandemic conditions where there are no border controls for visitors.

COVID-19 Situation in South Korea

Since 3 September, all arriving travellers no longer had to present negative COVID-19 results prior to their departure.

Additionally, people were no longer required to wear masks outdoors.

As of Thursday (29 Sep), South Korea reported 28,497 new infections.

The daily caseload was 30,881 the day before.

Wait… That is still pretty high, by Singapore’s standards?

Regardless, if you are looking forward to a vacation in South Korea, your time has arrived.

Watch this video to know why you should wait before booking your year-end plane ticket:

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