YPs Caught Speeding with PMDs at Over 70 kmh on Road & Cursing at Driver


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…

A PMD caught speeding on camera.

Three, to be exact.

Before you go “Huh, I thought cannot ride PMD on the road?!”, yes, it’s against the law to ride a Personal Mobility Device (PMD) on the road.

But it’s also another thing entirely to be blatantly speeding when you’re riding at a place where you shouldn’t be.

FYI, the speed limit for PMDs across the country is 25km/h.

And that’s exactly the scene that TikTok user @pluufuykeke_pqqt caught on camera on Sunday (27 March).

@pluufuykeke_pqqt They even cursed at us at the end 🙃 25km/hr is ur max leh bro 😅 don’t bring down those who ride PMDs safely. #sgroadhazards #ltasingapore ♬ original sound – 🌸Pluufuy

In the now-viral video clip, three teenage boys, who netizens have since labelled as “YPs” (“young punks”), were seen speeding along the roads of Choa Chu Kang and overtaking other vehicles along the road in the process.

At one point in the video, one of the people in the TikToker’s car went, “So ridiculous!”, and I’m sure most of us would agree.

@pluufuykeke_pqqt also mentioned that they were driving at a speed of 60km/h, and the boys “sped right past [the car]”, which meant that they were probably travelling at a speed of 70 km/h or even faster.

The boys, who were not wearing helmets, also did not have any lights installed on their vehicles, which the user pointed out was extremely dangerous as other drivers would not be able to take note of their presence.

Even the TikToker mentioned that she was only aware of their existence after someone else honked at the three youths.

Eventually Got Off the Road

In a later part of the 35-second clip, the boys were seen to be getting off the road and turning into a traffic junction to use the pedestrian crossing instead.

However, upon seeing that they were being filmed, @pluufuykeke_pqqt said, “They even cursed loudly at us after this” while crossing the pedestrian crossing on their PMDs.

Netizens’ Reactions

In the TikTok video that has since garnered over 181,400 views, 13,300 likes and 408 comments, many netizens condemned the teenagers’ actions.

One commenter also pointed out that the drivers would still be at the losing end if a collision occurred as a result of PMD speeding, and others also pointed out the safety hazard they presented to both other motorists and themselves by not wearing safety equipment.

Some also pointed out that one of the teenagers was wearing a school-based T-shirt, which should result in an… interesting morning assembly for students of that school at some point, eh?

Apart from those comments, there were also netizens who questioned if the Traffic Police (TP) was doing their job properly, given that they were able to get onto the road when they were not supposed to.

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Based on information from the Land Transport Authority (LTA), those convicted of riding a PMD on the road may face up to three months’ imprisonment, a fine of $2,000, or both.

For repeat offenders, they face up to six months in jail, a $5,000 fine, or both.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@pluufuykeke_pqqt)


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