S’pore Wife Threatened Hubby With Scissors After He Gave Maid Toothpaste


If you think your employer sucks, I suggest you think again. Real hard.

Because for a certain maid, her employee isn’t just bad.

She’s atrociously bad.

On September 11, at around 8.50am, a woman had threatened her husband with a pair of scissors.

The reason? He had let their household maid use the toothpaste.

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The woman, identified by Shin Min Daily News as Yu Hong Hong, has since been arrested for criminal intimidation.

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What happened?

The incident happened in a unit at Block 447, Hougang Avenue 10, on September 11 (a Monday) at around 8.50am.

According to The Straits Times, the Myanmar maid had asked Ms Yu’s husband for permission to use their toothpaste.


He agreed.

When Ms Yu found out about it, she wasn’t exactly satisfied. She went straight for the maid and allegedly scolded and slapped her.

After that, she reportedly headed for her sleeping husband and demanded to know why he had let the maid use the toothpaste. That was the trigger of a heated argument.

Halfway through, Ms Yu reached for a pair of scissors, and started walking towards her husband with a threatening stance.

He managed to disarm her, and subsequently pushed her away.

Ms Yu then called the police, who then arrested her for criminal intimidation.

According to Shin Min Daily News, she’s currently out on bail.

Police investigations are still continuing.

Image: IGN Southeast Asia

What the heck man. I’m absolutely amazed that I managed to keep the article’s tone objective.

Seriously, allegedly scolding and slapping your helper over a toothpaste? She cleans and cooks for you day and night tirelessly, and you couldn’t afford to let her use a bit of your toothpaste?



Just a week ago, someone suggested sharing maid. Maybe that’s not a bad idea after all – when you have two employers, at least one of them would treat you nice.


Lest you didn’t know, foreign domestic workers have rights, too.

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