S’pore Man Claims His Motorbike Brake Cables Were Cut in JB Mall


In Singapore, we’ve had our phase of bicycle thefts, where said thieves would either bring those industrial wrenches to either snip off the metal chains or steal the tires.

Also, where did they get those industrial clipper things from, I’m asking for a friend.

Motorcycle Brakes Cut Off and Stolen in Johor Bahru

Unfortunately for one Singaporean man, he had happily ridden his motorcycle into Johor Bahru for a nice shopping trip in the morning, only to realise that his motorcycle had been sabotaged when he returned to the motorbike in the evening.

On the Facebook post, the victim stated that he had parked his motorcycle at the shopping mall carpark around 11am.

When he came back at 7pm, he realised that the cables for his front brakes had been cut off.

Image: facebook.com

He proceeded to share about frustrations regarding the alleged criminal activity that’s been popping up left and right ever since the border re-opened, such that it can even happen in broad daylight.

And no, this time it isn’t fake news like a bike gang going around robbing people.

The man then urged others to stay vigilant against such incidents, and to take their own precautionary measures.

According to China Press, a spokesperson from the South Johor Bahru District Police Headquarters affirmed that a report on this incident had been lodged, and investigations are ongoing.

Johor Police Chief Kamarul Zaman Mamat may have deployed more officers to hotspots such as malls and border checkpoints, but I’m pretty sure those patrols don’t extend to carparks.

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The Odd Reactions from Netizens

It seems like Malaysians have different priorities or something, because their comments under the China Press Facebook post went in a different direction.

If it was in Singapore, people would be taking up metaphorical pitchforks and asking for justice, or clicking their tongues in distaste…

But Malaysians started noticing that the motorcycle’s brand resembled a Ducati.

Image: facebook.com

One commenter even tossed out a rhetorical question in Mandarin: “Ask a local – who would ride a Ducati to a shopping mall?”

Are we victim-shaming someone for their vehicle choices now too?

Other Malaysians laughed it off, stating that it’s a part of life and they’ve been targeted numerous times as well, and their motorcycles were probably worth less.


The conclusion they came to was: “If you’re scared, just don’t come [to Malaysia].”

Meanwhile, others were wondering why the man’s motorcycle was targeted, even speculating if his brakes were Brembo M50 callipers.

In more mechanical terms, Brembo M50 callipers are performance-grade racing components that manufacturers laud as “the absolute best quality available on the market today”.

There was some wolf-whistling involved but absolutely no sympathy.

In any case, stay safe regardless of where you’re travelling to, and invest in some protective covers for the motorcycle components next time, I suppose.


Since the thieves are so determined to steal, at least make it a hassle for them. 

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