Starbucks Lids Apparently Have a Secret Function That You Probably Didn’t Know


Last Updated on 2022-08-21 , 3:09 pm

First, we found out that the small pocket in our jeans isn’t for our coins. Then we realized the loop on the back of our shirt serves a function, too.

All thanks to the Internet, here’s another secret: the lids of the Starbucks drinks that you’ve been buying apparently have a function, too: they’re used as coasters for your drinks.

While I still can’t understand why anyone would pay over $4 for a cup of coffee that you can find in a nearby coffee shop, this is a pretty nifty trick, especially when that coaster will keep your table dry.

Okay, granted that this isn’t such a great discovery, at least now it justifies the price more. And when more people learn of this, we’ll have drier tables in school.

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