NEA Urges Public Not to Paste Their Used Stickers on Tray Return Standees

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Done eating at your favourite hawker centre? Don’t know what to do with your dine-in sticker?

The NEA tells us to not paste these stickers on the tray return standees!

Eh, Why Got Sticker Ah?

Is it because the hawker auntie and uncle think your order is very creative?

No, the stickers are here to differentiate those who are vaccinated and those who are not. Only people who are fully vaccinated can dine in at hawker centres!

There will be someone to check your vaccination status via TraceTogether when you check into the hawker centre, and you’ll be given a sticker to signal that you’re vaccinated and can dine in.

But what do you do with the stickers after you’re done eating?

Unwanted Decorating of Tray Return Standees

By right, there are boards at the exits of hawker centres for you to stick them on before you leave. But by left… not many people use those boards.

Instead, some patrons have decided to indulge in some unsolicited decorating. Their target? The standees that remind you to return your trays and crockery.

The standees who just want you to keep the tables clean… are now defaced with brightly-coloured stickers. You can’t even see the reminder anymore for one poor standee!

The National Environment Agency (NEA) posted pictures of the standees on Facebook, reminding the public that we should be sticking these onto the dedicated boards, and not the standees. Imagine the time needed to scrape the stickers off standees every day!

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Netizens React: Remove The Sticker System?

In the comments under the Facebook posts, many people shared their experiences with stickers on random public property. But a consensus seems to be reached: why use stickers at all?

Netizens questioned the necessity of these stickers, saying that they were a waste of resources. Many said that they’ve seen these stickers on traffic lights, dustbins, light posts, parks, the bottom of their shoes… They won’t be surprised if some wildlife ends up having stickers on their feet!

Plus, do the aunties and uncles really check for a sticker before taking your order?

The wastage of resources, together with many stories of sticker-littering, has netizens urging NEA to find another way to differentiate people’s vaccination status. Maybe get the hawkers to check the vaccination status at the cashier instead?


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