Stray Cat Who Got Famous For Trying To Enter Japanese Museum Now Has a Home

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Japan is home to various interesting things and cute stories, particularly regarding their feline friends whom they love.

It was from Japan that the iconic rainbow poptart Nyan Cat originated from with its high pitched and deathly annoying yet strangely addictive theme song that left the world shook.


I bet you can hear that dreaded song in your head again. You’re welcome.

The bizarre life hack where asking stray cats where your lost cat is will make it come home to you was also first discovered in Japan.

Japanese cats seem to be a peculiar little bunch of furries, don’t they?

Some of them are even museum lovers.

Viral Cats At Japanese Museum

You may have once seen the news about two cats repeatedly trying to enter the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art in Japan, and have been doing so very frequently ever since 2016 when the museum had a cat exhibit.

For the first two years, it had just been one furry fellow, a black cat named Ken-chan, trying to get into the museum but was thwarted every time by the same valiant security guard.

Image: Twitter/mukusuke

A few times, Ken-chan had actually managed to slip past the guard and through the automatic glass doors, but he never actually made it further than the counter at the entrance to date, sadly.

Then, It Got A Partner

Later on, a ginger counterpart joined Ken-chan in their mission to breach the museum, affectionally known as Go-chan.

Image: Twitter/bijutsu1

The museum’s taken kindly to the game these two little cats have been playing with them as well, providing fans of this whole saga with frequent updates on their official Twitter account, @bijutsu1.

They’ve even immortalised the tale on official museum merchandise.


Image: Twitter/bijutsu1

Image: Twitter/bijutsu1

The security guard who’s been escorting the cats out for the most part of their shenanigans has also grown close to them.

Look at this video of him affectionally petting Go-chan after yet another failed attempt, soooo adorable!

This is so wholesome :’)


A New Home

While Ken-chan is a cat that belongs to a restaurant nearby, Go-chan had no owner.

Until now, that is.

Someone’s adopted the adorable Go-chan and he’ll be living in their home from now on!

Which is great news, of course.

But that also means that Go-chan won’t be able to visit the museum and continue his attempts of entering it any longer for he’ll be living in a different area.




Farewell, Go-chan

On 17 and 18 May, the museum’s official Twitter account had posted videos of Go-chan that hinted he would no longer be visiting the museum, with captions such as “We should meet again” and “Last Run”.


Look at how Ken-chan walks up to Go-chan and affectionally licks his face as if he knows Go-chan would be bidding goodbye soon! These cats are super sweet!

I’m totally not crying. ;-;

Museum’s Happy Announcement

Later that day on 18 May, the museum officially announced that Go-chan has found a new family and would be leaving the area where the museum was located at.

“Go-chan has found a new family. He left the park he got used to. We love you, Go-chan! Thank you very much! We never forget you. Please come back to our museum again sometime,” they tweeted.


And here’s the best part of all – Go-chan finally tasted success on his last day at the museum after two long years, for they let him in to roam for a little while as a parting gift and took a video to commemorate his win.

What a beautiful and bittersweet ending to Go-chan’s museum adventure!

All Settled In

The museum also shared photos of Go-chan cuddled up and looking snug in his new home, ready to begin his new life as a house cat.

In case you can’t see the pictures:


Image: Twitter/bijutsu1

They also promised that with the consent of his owner, they’d still be sharing photos and memories of Go-chan occasionally.


A Comforting Cat

I swear cats are smarter than we really think they are.

They seem to know everything!

With Go-chan’s departure from the museum, the staff and Ken-chan alike were bound to feel a little sad.

So Kuu-chan, another cat who seems to be familiar to the museum staff, came to visit on 4 June, as if she sensed that they needed some comfort.


She was said to be like a mother figure to the two cats in the area, and has already spent several years living in another home yet came to visit at this time to cheer them up.


Aww, the cats in that neighbourhood are just so adorable and lovely!

The episodic fun of Ken-chan and Go-chan trying to break into the museum has brought joy to many others around the world as well, and it’s a little bit of a shame that Go-chan will no longer be able to continue his quest.

Maybe he can find a new museum in the vicinity to frequent. We’ll miss you and hope you’ll be happy, Go-chan!


Best of luck to Ken-chan too for his future attempts!

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