Suntory’s Transparent Milk Tea will Be Available in 7-11 from 22 Dec


Last month, Singaporeans were in awe with a milk tea that looks like plain water.

People were scouring high and low for it, only to realize that it was only available at selected FairPrice Finest outlets, including Bishan, Marine Parade and Changi Airport T3.

If you have no slightest inkling of what I am blabbering about, I am talking about this elusive (and tasty) drink.

Colloquially known as the transparent milk tea, this ingenious creation was first launched in Japan in September 2017 before it washed up on our shores.

Now, you can get your transparent milk tea fix (if that is a legit craving) without travelling to the aforementioned places (to only find out that they are sold out).

Come 22 December, Suntory Premium Morning Milk Tea will hitting the shelves of 7-11!

Yes, it will be available in all 7-11 outlets.

Prices start from $2.40 and for those who have been religiously following Suntory’s inventions, you will be pleased to know they will also be carrying the lemon tea counterpart.

If you are interested in the science behind these concoctions, my colleague penned a very detailed article on it.

You can read it here.

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