Don’t Say Bojio: $1.80 ‘Themed’ Sushi From Sushi-GO On Weekdays Only

Here’s a deal-worthy promotion to lay your hands, or tastebuds, on if you’re getting a bit sian of having cai png or ban mian every day.

Not that we do, lah.

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Anyway, from today onwards, conveyor-belt sushi restaurant Sushi-GO at Jurong Point is offering a weekday lunch promotion with selected sushi items at $1.80 each.

And thankfully it looks pretty substantial to drop in just for the promotion.

Themed Days

The menu rotates between 4 different themes from Monday to Thursday – Salmon Monday, Tamago Tuesday, Spicy Wednesday and Ebi Thursday.

Each theme offers 7 to 8 different sushi items, which is great because firstly, it’s enough for a whole meal, and secondly, there aren’t repeats between themes.

So you could technically pop by to try each day’s themed set of sushi. Again, not that we were thinking of that. 

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Here’s a breakdown of what is available each day:

$1.80 Salmon Monday – Salmon Sushi, Teriyaki Salmon Sushi, Mentai Mayo Salmon Sushi, Cheese Salmon Sushi, Salmon Belly Sushi, Teriyaki Mayo Salmon, Spicy Onion Salmon, Salmon Mayo Gunkan.

$1.80 Tamago Tuesday – Tamago Sushi, Mentai Mayo Tamago Sushi, Spicy Tamago Sushi, Cheese Tamago Sushi, Block Tamago Sushi, Teriyaki Mayo Tamago Sushi, Tamago Handroll.

$1.80 Spicy Wednesday – Spicy Salmon Sushi, Spicy Tako Sushi, Spicy Kani Stick, Spicy Maguro Sushi, Spicy Onion Chashu Sushi, Asari Kimchi Gunkan, Mala Clam Gunkan.

$1.80 Ebi Thursday – Ebi Sushi, Ebi Fry Sushi, Mentai Mayo Ebi Sushi, Spicy Ebi Sushi, Amaebi Sushi, Teriyaki Mayo Ebi Sushi, Spicy Onion Ebi Sushi.

Here’s how they look if you aren’t feeling hungry already.

Image: Sushi GO

The best part? The promotion is from 11am-5pm (excluding Public Holidays) so it’s great if you decide to dash out for a quick tea break or brunch, even.

That’s probably what tea time was invented for anyway.

Keep in mind that these are only available for dine-in, much as we’d love to dapao them for later.

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What To Expect:

Since it’s Sushi-GO, the whole experience is pretty cute, with bright blue and white shades around the restaurant referencing its Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) sushi train theme.

Nope, not this.

Image: Giphy

Basically, it’s technology in the shape of mini-sized bullet train models zipping your food to your table, in place of traditional conveyor belts.

It’s such a sight to behold that it almost distracts us from the sushi in all its shining glory.

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Discover Sushi-GO today! 🚅 🍣

Introducing Sushi-GO! 🚅A casual and fun Japanese restaurant serving you over 100 selections of sushi and other Japanese dishes.Priced from $1.80/plate and served to you on a Shinkansen Bullet Train, Sushi-GO is perfect for those looking for a fun and affordable dining experience. 🤩Hop on board and find us at Jurong Point #B1-47/48 (opposite NTUC)! 🤗

Posted by Sushi-GO on Monday, 31 August 2020

It’s not alone in its concept; Genki Sushi has a similar style of serving customers with car and train models too.

Image: Facebook (Genki Sushi Singapore)

Just recently in August, they launched a new menu featuring local-inspired items like Mala Clam Gunkan, Soft Shell Crab Tempura and Spicy Negi Cha Siew.


Also, these are only available at Jurong Point. But if you’re looking for more affordable sushi options, you might want to check this article out.


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