Sweetest BF Ever? He Swapped His Shoes For Her Heels ‘Cuz Her Legs Ache

I‘m kinda reluctant to write this article because I know I will draw flak for it.

Nope, not because of my usual insensitive remarks, but rather because the topic at hand will spoil the market for guys. A lot of guys.

But never mind that; it’s time… for the million dollar question.

Your girlfriend’s feet are sore from having worn high heels all day. What do you do?

A) Ask her to man up and not be such a gu niang. Tell her straight to the face, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

B) Piggyback her for as long as you can. After that, it’s her own problem already.

C) Throw her into the ocean and see whether it’s still sore. Your mum always told you to use salt water to cure your sore throat, so you’re eager to see whether salt water cures sore feet as well.

D) Swap your shoes for her high heels, straightaway. Does the question even need to be asked?

If you picked A, congrats; you can officially change your Facebook relationship status to ‘Single’.

If you picked B, congrats; it’s not a bad choice at all. I see you have the right intentions in mind. I would give you a B- for effort.

If you picked C, congrats; you’re officially on the wanted list.

If you picked D, congrats; you’re part of the 0.01 of the male population that are impossibly chivalrous and are pretty much the Romeos of the society.

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But you’re probably thinking, “Who will ever choose D anyway? I would rather throw her into the ocean than wear high heels outside!”

The normal rational boyfriend would think that.

An alpha boyfriend, like the one you’re about to see, evidently doesn’t think that way.

Love in its rawest form

Recently, a couple was seen wearing each other’s shoes while waiting in a local hospital in Chongqing, China.

Which would have been normal and all, HAD both sported Converse sneakers.

But guess what the girlfriend was wearing?

High heels.

Image: Nextshark

Olivia Michael George.

Those heels look at least 3 inches high. That’s like taller than the great wall of China.

But I can’t help but notice that he looks kinda comfortable wearing them though.

I know for a fact that had I tried to put on those heels, it would have been something like this.

Image: Clevver

But just look at this guy.

Image: Nextshark

Beyonce has got nothing on him.

But I’m not trying to take away anything from this guy. Even if I could walk like Brad Pitt on heels, I would still go, “Nah, go take a dip in the ocean.”

I’m just curious whether the guy had been ‘borrowing’ his girlfriend’s heels for some late night secretive walks.

That, or he’s so used to swapping shoes with his girlfriend that he had become a maestro at it.

Meh, plausible.

Image: Nextshark

Can’t bring myself to hate the guy though. He looks like he’s giving a massage.

While in his heels.

Image: Imgflip

The pictures of the couple were posted online, and they became an absolutely viral hit among Chinese netizens. In fact, many of them were full of praise for the man.

Some were even inspired enough to share their own.

I remember a time when my mum became sick and my dad had to rush her to the hospital. He waited for her condition to stabilize and later let her wear his shoes. He was barefoot when they got out of the taxi.”

Guess the saying’s true, huh?

True love knows no bounds.

What about you? Do you have a story to share?

Tell us about it!

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Feature Image: NextShark