Taiwan Stall Sells Pancakes That are Shaped Like Roasted Chicken

If looking at miniature versions of entire roasted chickens on wooden skewers makes you feel like eating chicken more than pancakes, I vehemently empathise.

And also, you shouldn’t be here. Neither should I.

Credit: Planet Minecraft

But if you’re into pancakes, and like it when they’re shaped weird as a brilliant and very successful marketing ploy (we’re talking about it now aren’t we?), you can consider staying on.

Witness the miracle of the century.

Credits: 野士麥德-烤雞蛋糕 (Facebook)

“Roast Chicken Cake”

That’s what the words 烤雞蛋糕 in the picture directly translates to, and they’re sold by Yesmade, a Taiwanese pushcart food stall. The full name of the stall seems to be 野士麥德-烤雞蛋糕.

Credits: 背包客棧

To be explicit, these are pancake pops, shaped like chickens, coming in several different flavours. They’re made in these uniquely shaped pancake molds, Yesmade’s own.

There are 5 regular flavours sold: original, cocoa, matcha, cheese and peanut cocoa, and I’m not sure if that’s a creamy kind of filling in the picture or just softer pancake. Probably the latter.

Credits: 野士麥德-烤雞蛋糕 (Facebook)

And a More Exciting Flavour

The 6th is a secret flavour that changes.

Some of the secret flavours in the past include bubble tea (WTFWTFWTF!?), yam, vanilla oreo, lava egg yolk, and tie guan yin tea custard.

For updates on the latest flavours, you can try your luck on their social media pages. Each outlet has its own, but here are the Instagram and Facebook pages of the main branch.

Details for Purchase

The orders are a little rigid, chicken cakes come in packs of 5, mono flavoured. But they’re quite affordable at one pack per 40 or 50 TWD (1.75 or 2.18 SGD), depending on the flavour.

Customers are to bring their own bags.

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Main Branch

Address: 台中逢甲夜市麥當勞旁 / No. 427, Fuxing Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407 (next to McDonald’s)

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 4 pm – 11.30 pm, or when sold out / Friday to Saturday, 4 pm – 12:30 am, or when sold out

Zhongli branch

Address: 實踐路117號(舞茶道前) / No. 117, Shijian Road, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 320 (in front of bubble tea shop Wu Cha Dao)

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 4 pm – 11 pm / Weekends: 4 pm – 11.30 pm

Hsinchu branch

Address: 新竹市勝利路53號騎樓/ No. 53, Shengli Road, East District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan 300 (In front of clothes store Hitz)

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Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 2.30 pm – 8 pm

Would you make it a point to visit these stalls? Perhaps those already going to Taiwan and are fond of pancakes or pancake pops have a reason to check these out.

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