Taiwanese TV Personality Claimed a Married S’pore ‘Ah Ge’ Had Sent Inappropriate Texts to Her


A Taiwanese TV personality and executive producer claimed that a famous Singaporean actor once sent her inappropriate messages.

Who exactly is it?

We can’t say for sure, but you might want to take a guess.

Ah Ge asking for a photo

Peggy Pan, one of the several panelists on Dee Hsu’s talk show “Dee Girls Talk”, talked about her experience on a recent episode.

According to Pan, she worked together with the Ah Ge in question on an advertorial.

Pan was the executive producer for the advertorial.

Just a normal work relationship so far – nothing out of the blue yet.

The questionable moves made by the Ah Ge only came after filming of the advertorial ended.

After filming ended, the Ah Ge apparently asked to take a photo with her. This caught Pan off-guard, or in her words, she was “a bit surprised” when he asked for the photo with her.

She was taken aback as the roles are usually reversed.

What happened afterwards was even stranger to Pan.

Pan told Ah Ge that she would send the photo to his manager to check if the photo could be posted online.

Instead, the Ah Ge told her that was not necessary. He requested for her to send the photo directly to him instead.

Perhaps it’s just for keepsakes? Maybe he’s a sentimental guy.

“Very Weird Messages” from Ah Ge

And that’s not the end of it all.


If you thought that strange guy you met on Tinder that’s been quadruple-texting you was weird, don’t worry because you’re not alone in this.

According to Pan, their conversations on WeChat included “very weird messages” from the Ah Ge.

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Approximately a week after they started communicating, he asked whether she could send him a photo of her.

And he didn’t just request for any selfie. He requested specifically for a photo of her “bare face just before going to bed”.

Pan found the Ah Ge’s request “inappropriate”, and therefore started cutting down on sending him messages.


Well, at least she didn’t ghost him immediately.

A married man that was “Quite famous”

Pan did not specify which year this incident happened, but also did not reveal the identity of the man in question.

All that Pan revealed was that the man was married at the time and considered “quite famous” in Singapore.

Pan also referred to the man as an “Yi Ge”, similar to what we’d call an Ah Ge.

Hsu tried to probe more into it, and asked if Pan was referring to Christopher Lee, which Pan clarified that she was not.

I guess it’s another mystery for us to crack.


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Featured Image: YouTube (DeeGirlsTalk)