GrabFood Small Order Fees Suddenly Increased to Up to $1K for an Order Due to a Glitch


Having some late night cravings?

Well, just a pro tip: check your small order fee before placing the order.

Here’s why.

GrabFood Glitch causes small order fees to spike to more than $1K

You read that right.

Small order fees, those fees that the platform charges for orders below a stipulated amount, spiked to more than $1k.

Users usually either pay the small order fee, or for the more kiasu ones among us, order more food to avoid the charge.

In this case, perhaps ordering more food will be the smarter, more budget-friendly option.

Some customers have reported being quoted a small order fee of hundreds of dollars, to even more than $1,000.

Image: Instagram (@sgbengz)

Grab has since clarified that this was a glitch that has now been resolved.

$1,185 in GrabFood small order fees for McDonald’s

In a TikTok video posted on Friday (4 Nov), a netizen said her GrabFood small order fee came up to $1,185.

Image: TikTok

That brought her order total to $1,203.60.

Guess what she ordered.

Image: TikTok

A Buttermilk Crispy Chicken burger and 6pc Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s.

This drew the attention of many Singaporeans on TikTok, who responded to it with all sorts of quips.

One particular netizen made a quip that the small order fee was just a “risk fee for entering yishun”.

Image: TikTok

Sky-high small order fees all over social media

This TikTok user wasn’t the only victim of the insanely high small order fees.


Social media was filled with screenshots from confused and hungry users’ GrabFood order pages.

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One particular netizen was almost charged $790.10 worth of a small order fee for pork ribs priced at just $9.90.

Image: Instagram (@sgbengz)

The same netizen was almost charged $785.45 worth of a small order fee for chicken wings that cost just $14.55.

Image: Instagram (@sgbengz)

Perhaps this wasn’t a glitch. Perhaps it was just Grab’s way of raking in some extra cash knowing that we hardly look before we click nowadays.

Another netizen was quoted $1,182 for a $17.95 order from McDonald’s Tampines.

Image: Facebook (Natt Natt)

The four digit small order fee doesn’t just stop there.

Another netizen was quoted a small order fee of $1,154 even though he ordered only $45.10 worth of food from McDonald’s CompassOne.

Image: Facebook (Mohammed Nasir Sawal)

Grab’s apology to users

In response to queries from a customer who was apparently quoted $753.90 for the small order fee, Grab apologised and thanked the user for their patience and understanding.

Image: Facebook (Grab)

Grab also noted the issue had been resolved.

Minimum order amount increased to $12

On Thursday (3 Nov), just a day before the incident, Grab had apparently increased the minimum order amount to $12.

That means that you would have to order $12 worth of food to avoid paying the small order fee.


The minimum basket value was merely $8 when it was first implemented in March 2020.

It’s uncertain whether the glitch from Friday night was related to the increase in the minimum order amount.

Regardless, let’s just be grateful that the small order fee isn’t really going to be $1,000 now.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@sgbengz) + Instagram (@grab_sg)