Taxi Driver Allegedly Harassed Female Passenger Months After Fetching Her


This New Year, many of us resolve to finally find a partner and leave the single life behind. Some, however, take it a step further by having the ends justify their means. 

These are the people who’d contact you on platforms outside of Tinder. They manifest as Instagram DMers, sometimes Carousell buyers and even taxi drivers. 

Yes, taxi drivers

Taxi Driver Allegedly Harassed Female Passenger Months After Fetching Her

In a TikTok video, a user by the handle @oo_ya_ shared her creepy experience of receiving texts from her taxi driver. 

@oo_ya_getting all the male validation i ever need from a taxi driver

♬ original sound – yatty

The driver would check in on her every six months, asking how she was or how she had been. Each time she received a message, she ignored it, leaving the man waiting for another few months. 

To contextualise, the driver had gotten her number via the old ComfortDelGro app before it transitioned to CDGZig. In the app, users would provide their phone numbers to communicate with drivers. 


This driver decided to leverage the opportunity, and the rest is history. 

Initially, the driver texted her merely to send her a copy of her trip receipt, which she had requested for. 

A few months later, in March 2022, he checked in on her, asking: “How have you been Yatty.” The problem continued twice more in August 2022 and January 2023. 

Jokingly, she said he was the “most consistent man in (her) life.” Also, the caption wrote: “getting all the male validation I ever need from a taxi driver.”

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Netizens’ Reaction

In the video’s comment section, some users joked about the situation by asking her how she was, mimicking the taxi driver. 

Image: TikTok (@oo_ya_)
Image: TikTok (@oo_ya_)

Others told her to block the number.

Image: TikTok (@oo_ya_)

The video has gone viral, with almost 25,000 views at the time of writing. In fact, CDG Zig themselves have even responded, asking Yatty to email them regarding the issue. 

Image: TikTok (@oo_ya_)

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Featured Image: TikTok(@oo_ya_) + Shutterstock (Dr David Sing)

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