70YO Taxi Driver Stopped Meter During Jam to Help Passenger Save Money


Taking a cab is usually the last resort for us Singaporean.

The main reason being the high fares.

Especially during peak hours.

But this one taxi driver stood out from the rest and stopped his meter on a packed road to help his passenger save money.

Founder of Playtopia Singapore, Laila White, shared her experience on Friday (25 November) on Facebook.

She had taken a cab from ION orchard and was heading towards the CTE entrance. And according to her post, the roads there are a “nightmare” with constant jams.

Lim Kek Wah, her driver, knew of this and told her that the road was going to be a “nightmare” with heavy traffic jams at this time.

What he did next warmed her heart.

And I’m not gonna lie, it warmed mine too.

He stopped the meter and told White that he would on it again when the road cleared up.

This meant that Lim would be earning less, but he did not mind.

In Singapore, taxis usually charge 22 to 33 cents for every 45 seconds or less of waiting time, depending on the taxi company.

In a jam, that amount can accumulate to a few dollars—to make things easier, you could buy a pack of cai fan or two.

“Uncle comes from poor family, money is not easy to make, so don’t worry, if I can help, I help,” he said.

White found out that he was a 70-year-old man who had to drop out of school at a young age to look after his family as his father passed away when he was just 10 years old.

He had worked as a coolie, a slang for low-wage labourers, at Clark Quay carrying rice bags on his back.


At that time, he could only earn 20 cents for every 100kg bag of rice.

His story touched White’s heart. To her, she values money but “would not sell her soul to earn it”.

White did not hesitate to pay more than what was needed for her trip the moment she arrived as a form of gratitude.

In her words, “he made up for her sh***y morning.”

The comments under her post were filled with praises for her and blessings for the taxi driver.


To date, her post has over 1,100 reactions and 684 shares

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Featured Image: Facebook (Laila White)