A Weird Hump on Portsdown Road Causes Vehicles to Fly Over Painfully


While the rest of us are living in plain and boring 2022, the people of One-North are living in 3022, because they’ve apparently discovered a way to make their cars fly. 

Introducing: road problems.

Weird Hump on Portsdown Road Causes Vehicles to Fly Over Painfully

Speed humps are usually painted yellow and black, but this one in Portsdown road was not, leading vehicles passing by to suffer a painful consequence. 

On Thursday (24 November), a TikTok user posted a video of vehicles going over an unpainted road hump on Portsdown Road. 

@thienwp #sgtiktok #fypsingapore #tiktoksingapore #sgfyp #singapore #speedhump #speedbump ♬ original sound – thienwp

Because of the unnoticed hump, many drivers who did not slow down ended up launching their vehicles into the air.

Some sharp-eyed drivers noticed the camouflaged bump and slowed down in time.

Some, on the other hand, thought they saw Vin Diesel and the Rock, and held their own live audition for Fast and Furious.

As you can hear, there was an obvious crash when the cars landed.


Funny Footage

The video, which at the time of writing got almost 54 thousand likes, saw many comments.

Despite it being an obvious safety hazard, most people chuckled at the footage and commented various laughing emojis.

Some showed concern for the drivers and expressed that there should have been notices put up to warn them.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering why the videographer just stood there for the whole day and did nothing about it. 

The video has also been shared on other social media platforms. In fact, on a Hardware Zone forum, a victim of the hump complained: “Some f******* C* idea. Last time my car almost spoilt bcos of this.”

Moral of the story? Don’t speed. And even if you do, at least open your eyes and see while you’re doing so. 


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New Paint, New Issue

On Friday (25 November), the same TikTok user posted that the road hump had since been painted with a zebra crossing.

@thienwp New speed hump/bump at portsdown road part 2. #speedbump #speedhump #sgtiktok #singapore #fypsing #tiktoksingapore #sgfyp #fypsingapore #zebracrossing ♬ original sound – thienwp

Now, at least drivers are warned to slow down.

However, there’s a new issue.

The zebra crossing doesn’t lead to a pavement but a patch of grass.


“Wonder who doing this project. Totally fail LTA standards. Damn jialat,” a user commented.


Well, at least we won’t have to see flying cars anymore.

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Featured Image: @thienwp / TikTok