Taxi Fares Expected to Increase by March 2022


In an age where inflation is affecting everyone, taxi fares aren’t spared either.

After a little over ten years since the last fare adjustment in 2011, taxi fares will be increasing.

This comes after the recent increase in public transport fare last December, where the fares for public transport rose by four cents per trip.

Increase in Taxi Fares

Although the amount by which the fares are increasing has yet to be confirmed, it is known that ComfortDelGro, a major player in the industry that controls over 60% of taxis, has indicated their intention to make adjustments to the fares.

It currently costs between $3.70 and $3.90 to flag down a taxi. It costs an additional 22 cents for every 400m (up to 10km) and every 350m (beyond 10km).

The last adjustment in 2011 saw taxi flagdown fees increase by 20 cents, and distance fees increased by two cents per band. It is predicted that the upcoming rise in fares will be similar to that of the previous adjustment.

Other firms in the industry will likely follow suit after ComfortDelGro’s pricing.


Of course, taxi drivers were keen on the increase in taxi fares, especially since there is a rise in demand for taxis nowadays.

“And come Feb 1, when unvaccinated drivers cannot drive anymore, there will be fewer cabs and more business for us,” veteran taxi driver Tony Pang added.

Fares Have Actually Already Risen

Although it may seem like there has not been any change in taxi fares, some commuters pointed out that there has been an increase in fares in the past few years. The introduction of surge pricing, for example, is one aspect that has resulted in higher taxi fares.

However, others felt that the rise in fare was reasonable. “To be fair, an increase is justified. Because of inflation, everything has gone up,” retiree Lawrence Seow mentioned.


Government Subsidies

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the COVID-19 Driver Relief Fund was rolled out previously. The fund supported taxi drivers with $10 per day in November and December 2021, and $5 per day in January this year.

The scheme was recently extended, although there is still the question of if it will get extended again as most taxi drivers are still unable to earn as much as they did before the pandemic started.

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However, another reason as to why fares might increase is also due to the increase in petrol prices. Due to the pandemic, there has been a sharp demand for fuel across the world, causing fuel prices to rise as well. For example, the cost of the most commonly used 95-octane petrol has increased by 50 cents per litre.

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