3 Teenagers, 1 of them Only 13, Stole a Car-Sharing Service’s Car & Got into an Accident in Yishun


When thinking about our teenage years, most of us can probably agree that we’ve done our fair share of playful (and frankly, stupid) things.

But most of us can probably say that we’ve never stolen a car before, even when we were in our most rebellious or playful phase.

However, the same can’t be said for three teenagers in Singapore who stole a car that belonged to a car-sharing service on Sunday (15 January).

And that’s not all.

After stealing the car, they even got into a car accident, which I guess isn’t a surprise, especially considering how they’re, well, underage.

The trio, aged between 13 and 17, then decided to abandon the car and flee, but the police ended up getting involved.

After the police were alerted of the incident, which happened at around 7.15 am that day, officers went down to the open area car park in front of Block 773 Yishun Avenue 3, which was where the teenagers parked the car before fleeing.


Police dogs were also brought to the scene, and the teenagers were arrested afterwards.

Here’s what happened.

Police Officers and Vehicles Gathered Around the Car

The incident was first brought to light when a reader of Shin Min Daily News sent photos and videos of the incident.

The reader claimed that he passed by the area at around 10 am that day and saw many police officers and at least five police cars at the scene.

He added that there was a car parked in the middle of the car park, but he was unsure as to what had happened.

Resident’s Reaction

When Shin Min reporters reached the scene, a female resident recalled that nothing seemed amiss that morning after she woke up and had breakfast.

However, she noticed multiple police officers surrounding the car at 10.30 am. According to her, she even saw a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) vehicle parked at the scene.

The resident, who was not named, recounted how she initially thought that an accident had occurred in the area.

However, she soon realised that that was not the case since no ambulances were at the scene. Instead, there were police dogs, which made her suspicious about what was going on.

She added that the case “did not seem as simple” as she initially thought.

Shin Min also reported that the car stolen by the teenager was apparently a car from a car-sharing service.

It is believed that the group of teenagers secretly stole the car before ending up in an accident and damaging it, which eventually caused the police to be alerted.

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Car Was Damaged, Police Investigating

The resident also added that the car under investigation was damaged.

In particular, the right side of the car was visibly damaged, while a large portion of the paint on the left side had peeled off. The left side of the car had noticeable scratches as well.


After the incident, the police confirmed that they were informed of the incident and revealed that it concerned an abandoned car left at the car park in front of Block 773 Yishun Avenue 3.

Apart from that, three male teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 were arrested afterwards for stealing the car.

Investigations are currently ongoing.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News

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