Every Good Thing That Has Happened Since Teen Called Charles & Keith Bag Luxury


By now, we’re sure you would probably have seen the viral Tiktok video made by user zohtaco over receiving her first “luxury bag” from the local brand Charles & Keith, as well as the backlash she received from certain users for the terminology used in the video (calling it a luxury bag, that is). 

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Ever since that original video, alongside the follow-up video she made addressing hate comments on the previous post, gained traction, there has been an outpouring of love and support from not only other Tiktok users, but other local brands as well. 

Here’s Every Good Thing That Has Happened Since Teen Called Charles & Keith Bag Luxury 

With many commenters tagging Charles & Keith’s social media platforms on all accounts calling for action, the brand’s founders have since had lunch with Miss Zoe Gabriel and spoken up about their thoughts over this matter. 

The company’s spokesperson told The Straits Times in an email that their “hearts really went out to Zoe” and how impressed they were with how elegantly she dealt with the issue, exhibiting her maturity and “displaying wisdom far beyond her years.”

They believe that she embodies the beliefs of the brand’s founders, which is to bring happiness and confidence to buyers of their products.

Miss Zoe, together with her father, has since had a meal on Wednesday, 11 January, with the brand’s founders while also touring the brand’s headquarters on Thursday, 12 January.

She was also given the opportunity to learn about the behind-the-scenes work at Charles & Keith headquarters.

Alongside the black Double Handle Tote Bag that was originally featured in her post, she was spotted wearing a pair of Satin Platform Sandals from C&K in her post. An internal source also told The Straits Times that she was gifted “with products and vouchers”. 

In her most recent Tiktok post on Saturday, 14 January, she uploaded a video montage of the multiple gifts Charles & Keith gave her, specially featuring a personalised card from the company, stating that the gift presented to her is their “iconic Gabine bag” that they had “personalised specially” for her, in hopes to remind her of how she empowered many others to be “kind, compassionate and confident.”

In her caption, Miss Gabriel wholeheartedly thanked the general public for their kindness and support as well.

Image: TikTok (@zohtaco)
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Other brands Stepping in to Show Support

Besides Charles & Keith, there is another local brand that has voiced their opinions on the matter and shown their utmost support to Miss Gabriel. 

Takagi Ramen shed light on the matter on their recent Facebook post. It stated their distaste for the way social media had treated Miss Zoe, and offered her an $80 meal voucher to treat her dad to a nice meal at their restaurant. 


As shown on one of her later Tiktok posts, Miss Zoe has since had a meal at a Takagi Ramen outlet with her father and brother, and together with her father expressing their gratitude to the restaurant for the treat. 

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While it is unclear whether this is related to the viral video, Miss Gabriel recently uploaded a Tiktok post, where she thanked Kimistry Hair Boutique for “gifting” her a “new look”, referring to a hair makeover they did for her.

On her Instagram story @zoeaaleah on Saturday, 14 January, she also featured her family members carrying products from the brand Pedro, a fashion store, featuring her initials being personalised on her bag as well as captioning that she is “ever so grateful” for the brand. 

Faith in humanity? Restored.

And oh, she now has 175k followers on TikTok. Just saying.


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Featured Image: TikTok (@zohtaco)