Temasek Holdings Invests In ‘Salt Bae’ Restaurants: 6 Topics S’poreans Are Talking About Today (11 Apr)

Owner of “Salt Bae” restaurants, D.ream, is now valued at $1.2bn, how about that? However, it’s not Salt Bae himself who’s valued at that amount (if not, everyone would be salty).

When it comes to investing, Singaporeans are particularly interested in where GIC and Temasek Holdings are investing.

Because every time any one of them makes a move, people will go, oh, that’s my CPF money.


And their latest move is no different.

But no, your CPF money is still safe. Read on.

Temasek Holdings Invests in ‘Salt Bae’ Restaurants


Remember him? Nusret Gokce, or Salt Bae as the internet knows him, went viral last year for his R21 moves against equally sexy slabs of meat.

It earned him 12 million followers and helped Nusr-Et steakhouse owner D.ream launched restaurants in the Middle-east, New York and Miami.

While common people on the ground think that he’s a hype that has been over, the investors don’t seem to think so.

Temasek Holdings and Britain’s Metric Capital paid D.ream US$200 million for a 17% stake.

But if you’re worried about your CPF monies, don’t worry. According to the Ministry of Finance (MOF), Temasek Holdings do not manage the CPF money.

On a separate note, ‘Salt Bae’ restaurant in New York has been getting mixed reviews, like this one.

But just take note: it’s the owner of the restaurants that got invested, not Salt Bae himself. So no, throwing salt won’t make you a billionaire.

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25 Caught With Contraband Cigarettes in CBD Area

If you smoke, here’s a lesson for you: No matter how expensive it is to get cigarettes in Singapore, don’t get contraband.

If it’s getting too much for you, you can either choose to smoke less or quit completely. Because even if you managed to get your hands on contraband cigarettes, the authorities might catch you anytime.

Like the operation conducted at the Central Business District (CBD) last Friday (6 April 2018).


Singapore Customs plainclothes officers were deployed at the CBD to catch offenders who were smoking contraband cigarettes without the SDPC logo.

More than 25 people were caught.

Every single one of them were slapped with a fine.

First-time offenders who is found with up to one pack of contraband cigarette will have to pay a composition sum of $500.

And if it’s not your first time? The punishment will be harsher.

Singapore customs said that they are conducting such operations islandwide. So, like what NS always taught us, Don’t test the system.

Ingenious Fake News Video Makes Fun Of ‘Fake News’

Fake news is a big thing in Singapore.

After all, the Select Committee of Online Falsehoods that took place recently is more exciting than Hunger Games.

So it comes as no surprise that some genius out there decided to put out some fake news of his own.

And the fake news video is about another fake news.


Confused? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The video, created by YouTube Channel LUP SUP, is a fake interview with a Singaporean mother whose son isn’t able to get into Raffles Institution.

And it’s all because…

And the fake news shown in the video? SMRT major disruptions up, but train reliability goes up as well.

Watch the video for yourself below and decide if it’s truly fake, or a truth that sounds like a fake.

And since we’re on the topic of fake news, here’s another one that happened in Singapore this week.

Viral Videos Of Peace Centre Fight Actually Happened in 2017

If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you’d come across the video posts of a fight that allegedly took place outside Peace Centre.

Image: Singapore Road Accident Facebook Page

Two groups challenging each other across the road, comes to blow and the men in blue (our very own Singapore Police officers) came in to pacify the situation.


The police has since responded to the videos.

They were videos of an incident that happened in Singapore last year in 2017.

“Two of them were arrested for affray, one for causing public nuisance while another was arrested for disorderly behaviour,” police said, adding that investigations are still ongoing.

In other words, old news that…erm, kind of become fake news.


My heart rate went up for no reason.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

NTU Students Discovered Brewing Beer in Hostel, Told They Were Breaking The Law

Students are encouraged to be enterprising and creative, but not to the extent of breaking the rules.

3 students staying in an NTU hostel, Binjal Hostel, were discovered brewing beer in their hostel.


Mr Rahul Immandira, Mr Heetesh Alwani and Mr Abilash Subbaraman had spent about $2,500 on ingredients and equipment, and brewed about 10 batches of the beer before they were told to stop in February.

They insisted that they were not brewing the beer for sale, but they simply shared it with their friends.


Their friends, seeing how they had spent money to make the beer, decided to give them a little money in return.

The school, however, insisted that an exchange of money for the product means that it is a sale.

On the flip side, because of this news, we now know that according to Singapore Customs, brewing your beer at home isn’t illegal. You just can’t brew over a certain amount and you cannot sell it.

But seriously, why brew when you can buy it?

Recent Train Disruptions Show That You Should Plan Alternate Transport To Work

If you use the trains to get to work every day, it might be wise to plan alternate routes, especially for days where you cannot afford to be late.

Yesterday, the East-west line between Joo Koon and Jurong East (and eventually Clementi as well), suffered a disruption due to a track fault.

During peak hour.

Fast forward one day later and the same thing happened this morning, this time on the Northeast line at Little India.


Train service between Potong Pasir and Outram Park was suspended briefly, before being brought back up at 8.36 am.

Commuters were initially told to add 15 minutes to their journey along the entire line, but was revised to 30 minutes.


Rail reliability increased and higher satisfaction with the transport system, huh?


That fake news video seems apt all of a suddenly #justsaying

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