Thai Show Tried S’pore Accent With ‘Hello Lah’ & Adding ‘Lah’ in Every Sentence

If there’s something that all Singaporeans, regardless of whether they prefer white or black carrot cake can agree on, it’s how we use Singlish.

And though it’s always exciting to see Singlish or other uniquely Singaporean characteristics hit the big screen in other countries, these moments may sometimes end up being incredibly humorous instead after seeing odd and inaccurate representations.

Thai Television Series with “Singapore” Character

Recently, Judgement, a Thai television series created a “Singaporean” character, and let’s just say that this “Singaporean” probably didn’t grow up in Singapore.

On TikTok, TikTok user @poorkaikai, also known as Zhi Kai, uploaded the following clip from the series onto TikTok, attracting many Singaporeans’ attention to the show.

@poorkaikai Hello lah, I’m Singapore 🇸🇬 #singlish #lah #funny #fyp #joke ♬ original sound – Poorkaikai

In his caption, Zhi Kai wrote, “Didn’t know that the Singaporean accent is just LAH.”

And Zhi Kai even uploaded a part two to the clip for the kaypoh Singaporeans who wanted to see more of the series, which is available on Netflix.

@poorkaikai Reply to @poorkaikai Part two LAH #singlish #lah #funny #fyp #joke ♬ original sound – Poorkaikai

 In the two clips that Zhi Kai uploaded, Som, one of the female lead characters in the series, met a man who is apparently “Singaporean”.

“Hello lah, I’m Singapore,” the man told Som. As many viewers noticed, he placed an extremely unnatural emphasis on the word “lah”.

“I’m a photographer lah. I walk along to take a photo on the street and I saw you ah,” he continued saying.

Som then questioned the “Singaporean” man, asking who allowed him to take a photograph of her.

To that, he replied, “Oh. I’m sorry lah. You looked so beautiful, I cannot stop myself. I will delete it lah!”

“No, if you like it, keep it,” Som replied, and to that, the man responded, “Oh, thank you lah.”

Afterwards when Som left, she turned and bid farewell to the photographer, even saying humorously, “Nice to meet you too… lah!”

Singaporeans Left Amused

In the video, Zhi Kai wrote, “Died hearing this”.

And it seems like netizens across the island share similar sentiments as well.

Since uploading his videos, Zhi Kai’s initial TikTok video has attracted more than 141,200 views on TikTok and over 340 comments.

Netizens were similarly amused by the over-usage of “lah”, and many started to post comments that ended with “lah”.

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However, despite the hilarious “Singaporeaness” in the clips that Zhi Kai uploaded, he also pointed out that the series is very much worth a watch for those interested.

“It has good messaging on sexual assault awareness though, apart from this lah,” he wrote in one of his comments.

When interviewed by Mothership, he also emphasised that point, saying that the series did shed light on various issues in society such as victim-blaming culture, bullying on social media, sexual consent and the importance of having the support of a community.

He also said that such topics are not as prevalent in local media, and mentioned that more can be done in this area.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@poorkaikai)