The Theme Song & Logo For NDP This Year Revealed, But Some S’poreans Not Happy

Say what you want about Singapore, we take our national day seriously.

When the organisers of NDP 2017 revealed their theme, logo and song, most, if not all, Singaporeans took notice immediately.

Including us.

Here are the logo and song for NDP 2017.

This is, the organisers said, the first time a hashtag is included in NDP. 

The theme of the show is #OneNationTogether, and “a call-to-action for all Singaporeans to take pride in our achievements, and to be confident in our collective future as we overcome all odds together”. 

No doubt due to the uncertainty that surrounds Singapore on the world stage. 

The organisers said that the “# resembles the iconic image of four interlocking arms found in our nation’s first S$10 note launched in 1967”.


The NDP theme song 2017, Because It’s Singapore, was produced by singer and lyricist Jay Lim and composer Lee Wei Song.  

The song is about what it really means to be Singaporeans living together in our island home, and the lyrics were inspired by Jay Lim’s emotions about living in Singapore.  

And because it’s a national day song, expect to hear the words living in harmonystanding back to back, together we brave, and as one nation.

It’s a song about hope, unity, dreams and tenacity. Traits which our government hope we’ll have for the coming storms. 

Personally, I thought the song was great; the lyrics meaningful, melody beautiful and the singer’s voice raising goosebumps.

And it’s pretty easy to sing along too!

Unfortunately, netizens do not share the same sentiments as the committee and took to the internet to complain. 

Cue hateful comments.

The Political Expert

We Deserve More

We Miss The 80s NDP Songs

And the singer himself wasn’t spared.

And of course, the comment that will be brought up every year. Without fail.

So, what do you think about the logo and song? Like it? No? 

Let us know! 😀

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