There’s An App That Can Turn Your Android Phone into iPhone X

Now that Apple’s announced the arrival and features of iPhone X, Android users are all abuzz on what’s the next gen revelation going to be for their smartphones.

Yep, Apple might be THE brand, but that alone isn’t going to convince Android users to jump ship. After all, they’ve got pretty cool gizmos too.

Ever wondered how it might be like to have your Android phone run just like an iPhone X these past few days?

Well, you can put that thought to rest. A company has just issued an app that can give you the feel of an iPhone X.

Here, read on for more info.

What’s The Dig About?

The creator of the app is Damian Piwowarski, who wanted to take a dig at Apple. The app doesn’t really have much of a purpose, other than give you a view of what iPhone home screen would look like on an Android phone.

The app also has a notch for what’s called the Essential Phone. Its purpose? The notch gives the Android phone a better cut that’s centred on the phone’s front camera sensor.

Hmm… I wonder how it actually functions. Only one way to find out wor – download the app on your Android phone through Google Play.

The name of the app? It’s called Smartphone Upgrader 2017. Right now, if you opt to download the app, you’d be welcomed with the song What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes.

Never heard of the song? Well, it’s a classic that’s released way back in 1992. Here’s the song clip from YouTube in case you’re curious:

What Is The iPhone X About?

The CEO for Apple, Tim Cook has called it the “biggest leap forward since the original iPhone”. It’s been given a completely new outlook, and has some great tech features too.

The phone itself consists of an all-glass body on both sides, and is a stainless steel piece of work. There’s also a curved screen display from one edge to another. The iPhone X is also the very first model from Apple to carry its spanking new bezel-less character.

AND there’s no home button anymore. Goodbye to you, man.

How to Install the Smartphone Upgrader 2017 App On Your Android Phone

In order to use the app for its conversion steps, your smartphone has to run on Lollipop 5 onwards.

When you’ve installed the app on your Android phone, you will come across a request to turn your phone into what’s called the Essential PH-1 phone.

Image: What Mobile

You can also opt to donate to the app, which actually does nothing more than clear all the annoying adds that pop up on your screen.

While the app is free, it comes with a warning – it can trigger seizures in people who are inclined towards photosensitive epilepsy. As always, viewer discretion is cautioned.

Hmm… You dare wanna try and download and see or not? There’s only one way to check it out!

And lest you think no one would bother with this shitty and useless app…here, take a look.

Screenshot of the app Google Play Page

As we have our own app (oh you can download it here: Android or iOS), we can vouch that the numbers indicated on the page is a true representation of the number of downloads.

Must be fun.

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