There’s a New WhatsApp Scam That You Really Should Know

Remember the $1 one-time fee we paid to install Whatsapp?

I’m sure we all do, unless you’re one of them new-gen kids who only downloaded the app after Facebook scrapped the fee in 2016.

Anyways, a new WhatsApp scam is hovering out there and we are here to prevent you from reliving that $1 nightmare.

Image: Actionfrauduk twitter

This will come in a form of email.

As you can see it’s quite well done, and while it might not fool those lucky ones who never had to pay for it in the first place, us old, old users of the mobile app might get fooled.

So memorize this picture, share it with your friends and make sure that nobody gets scammed!

And if you think it’s just an email (you know, people are so used to email scams), there’s still this.

Image: Twitter (@actionfrauduk)

According to a reply to the image, a netizen also pointed out that messages like these are being sent on Facebook as well.

The objective? Lead you to website, make payment for “$0.99” only to see that $999 have been deducted from your card.

So the rule of the thumb is this: don’t believe everything on the Internet. Verify, verify and verify again.

And as of now, WhatsApp is still free.

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