There’s A Super Fun Carnival Happening At Jurong East Right Now

I have failed as a Westie. How could I have missed out on this? It started on 18 August and will end on 18 September.

No way, they are practically half way through this play.


Okay, so for all those who are as clueless as I am, jot down these information:

J’Kids Funland @ Jurong East
Venue: Open field beside Jurong East MRT
Date: Now till 18 September

So what’s in it for us? Why am I so distraught?

Amusement Rides.

Slide your way to laughter and delight!

Image: J’Kids Amusement Facebook Page

Cannot slide, never mind. You can rotate with glee!

Image: J’Kids Amusement Facebook Page

Carnival Games.

The sort of games where you need to spend $100 on that one plushy. Must get one, no further negotiations permitted.

Or am I the only weird one?

Image: J’Kids Amusement Facebook Page

And we all know it’s cheaper to buy one outside.

Inflatable Bouncers.

For the ever lively, energetic and bubbly kids, nephews, nieces, dogs and cats. Your golden ticket to tiring them out.

Image: J’Kids Amusement Facebook Page

Water Activities.

Oh yes, spin yourselves in these inflatable bubble balls.


No, wait. Hold on. My mind’s playing tricks on me. Here’s the real deal.

Image: J’Kids Amusement Facebook Page

I doubt I can even move around in that restricted space.

Bazaar Stalls

Probably the best out of the rest. Food will not fail you. It will never let you down.

Check them out on their website or Facebook page.

I’ll be around the food corner if you need me! 😉

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Feature Image: J’Kids Amusement Facebook Page

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