7 Things to Do in Desaru Since There’ll Soon Been a Ferry Service There


From 7 July 2022 onwards, ferry services from Singapore to Desaru will be available from the Tanah Merah ferry terminal.

Best part is the ferry only takes 90 minutes to reach Desaru, so it makes it all the easier for those who want to have a quick and easy weekend getaway.

If you are wondering what you can do when you get to Desaru, here are seven things you can do to relax and unwind.

Hotel & Resort Vacation at Desaru Beach

You can’t go for a getaway without researching what resorts and hotels are available at your destination.

In Desaru alone, there are a total of four five-star hotels available in the area.

The list of resorts available are:

  • One&Only Desaru Coast
  • Antara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas
  • The Westin Desaru Coast Resort and;
  • Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

(At this point, you are probably wondering which one’s the best since there are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from.)

Just know that all four locations have equal and rather easy access to Desaru beach.

Main point is figuring out how luxurious do you want your stay to be and the facilities you’d like to have when you are visiting Desaru.

One&Only Desaru Coast for example touts itself as an “ultra-luxury” for their visitors with the prices to match.

If you are the type to enjoy literal space, Antara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas will be up your alley with its scenic ocean view.

But if you are on a budget with an eye for more family or kid-friendly facilities, you can consider going for Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast instead.

Currently, there is an offer available with Hard Rock Hotel which includes a 3 Day 2 Night getaway package.

For more information on all four hotels and resorts, visit the link here.

Eco-tour & Mangrove Cruising

Now that you’d probably settled your accommodation, you can enjoy nature and do some outdoors learning while on vacation with the Desaru Eco-tour.

Dubbed as ‘edutainment’, the Eco-tour promises an enriching and adventurous experience to participants as they cruise along the mangroves in Desaru.


The tour allows participants to learn about the traditions and superstitions of local fishermen, sample local flavours, and give back by planting mangrove saplings.

Prices start from S$63 to S$252 per pax, depending on group size.

For more information on the event, visit the link here.

Desaru Coast Tide Pool Walking Tour

But if you are looking for more connection with the sea instead, sign yourself up for the Desaru Coast Tide Pool walking tour.

Essentially, you will get to see and learn more about interesting creatures that appear at the Desaru beach during low-tide with a guide.


Such creatures include corals, hermit crabs, and brittle stars that might show up during the tide pool walk.

Prices start from S$25.50 per person for the tour with free cancellation available provided if you give them a 24-hours notice.

Just note that the activity is of course, dependent on the tide situation at Desaru.

For more information on this event, visit the link here.

ATV & Fruit Farm Tour

If you are looking more towards intense land activities instead, you can sign yourself up for a ride on an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) riding tour at Desaru too.

The riding tour will take place on the Desaru fruit farm, where you will get to visit an agricultural gallery, vegetable and herb garden, and the petting zoo.

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(Of course, they will introduce fruits to you at the fruit farm, but we figure you’d know what a pineapple, papaya, and of course, durian is lah.)

The farm offers two different packages: a Day Tour package and Overnight Tour package.

Prices start from S$25 per pax. For more information on the tour and packages, visit the link here.

Snorkelling at Desaru Beach

While diving is not possible at Desaru, you can however snorkel if you want to in their shallow clear waters at the beach.

This is more of an “own time, own target” activity for those who know how to snorkel of course.


But don’t expect to see colourful reefs and fishes comparable to the sights in Australia. Instead, you’d definitely get to see your fair share of marine life albeit less colourful and vibrant.

A good idea for those who’d like to practice their snorkelling while they are on vacation on a budget.

Desaru Ostrich Farm

Animal lovers can find joy in visiting and interacting with ostriches at the Desaru Ostrich Farm.

Dubbed as Malaysia’s largest ostrich farm, visitors can get up close with ostriches and feed them as well.

You will also be able to see baby ostriches and touch ostrich eggs.

But the farm also has other creatures on their land, such as fancy-looking chickens, goats, and a horse.

(Or pony. Frankly, I can’t tell which is which. Another reason why you should go and see it for yourself.)

Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark

However, if you are going with family and more risk-adverse, you can’t go wrong by visiting the Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark.


This park is home to the first-ever ‘water coaster’ in the region and contains one of the biggest wave pools in the world.

That aside, the park has also over 20 wet and dry rides, slides, and attractions for both children and adults to enjoy.

This includes the Swinging Ship—essentially the Pirate Ship at themed parks but with water involved, the Surf Wall—for surfing up against a radical artificial wave, and Kraken’s Revenge—a combined roller coaster and splashing flume ride.

Prices start from S$29.70 for a one-day ticket.

For more information about the water park, visit the link here.

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