Thirsty Delivery Man Drank Customer Soup, Then Topped It Up With His Pee

“When all else fails, pee,” a wise man called Bear Grylls once said (maybe). “It will solve everything. Just look at me. I survived through my own pee.”

While his teachings didn’t really reach the masses (thankfully), it does reach some individuals.

This deliveryman in China certainly is one, seeing as he exhibited Bear Grylls’ teachings so well that the survivalist himself would be proud.

Drinking the customer’s soup, and topping it up with pee

On 7 September 2017 (Chinese Valentine’s Day), a woman had engaged a delivery company to hand over some home-cooked red bean soup to her husband at work.

The delighted husband opened the vacuum flask, only to be struck with a “putrid smell”.

He called his wife to ask if the soup had gone bad, but she said that it was freshly cooked.

He proceeded to make a phone call to the delivery company, complaining about it.

The delivery man who had been in charge of his order later called him back, and he came clean.

Halfway through the trip, the delivery man apparently had a lethal bout of thirstiness, because he gulped down half of the soup he was supposed to deliver without thinking.

Panicking, and with no available water source to refill the soup with, he resorted to his own water “source”.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work.

Pressing charges

The delivery man regretted what he did, and offered to make a compensation of 420 yuan (S$86), but the husband wasn’t having any of it.

The boss of the delivery company had to step in himself, flying from Beijing to Chengdu to make a personal apology to the husband. He called it the “strangest” and “nastiest” case in the company’s history, and tried to salvage the situation.

Well, there’s an emphasis on the ‘tried’.

The husband has pressed charges, and police investigations are ongoing.

When interviewed, the delivery man had a breakdown after professing that he felt really bad for his act. He explained that he had drank the soup without considering the consequences, and because there was no water to top it up with, had to use his own pee.

He maintained that he had no evil intents.

Now, he should have done what someone else in China did: if need to, just cook the food yourself.


For now, let’s just enjoy this gif and get all that piss out of our heads.


Oops, wrong one.


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