Man So Unhappy With Colleague That He Threw a 23kg Wooden Pallet At Him


Ever seen a life-sized angry bird charging at you with a weapon in its hands? No? A 16-year-old part-time packer experienced this last week… just that it is now an angry colleague with a 23kg wooden pallet.

Mr Mohammed Fauzie Juraimi, a packing handler, threw a 23kg wooden pallet at his teenage colleague on January 17 this year. The reason? The victim had told their company management about a mistake he made at work.

The Incident

The incident happened while the victim was using an electric pallet jack to move items within the CWT Distripark warehouse in Jurong.

Waiting for the right time to pounce, Fauzi waited for the boy to pass by before hoisting the wooden pallet over his head and walking towards him. Engrossed in work, the boy who was standing on the pallet jack and shifting some pallets was unaware of Fauzi who was behind him.

Fauzi charged at the victim from the back and tossed the pallet at him. The pallet jack struck the back of the victim’s head, causing him to start bleeding from his head. After a while, he started to feel dizzy as well.

When the victim turned around, he saw Fauzie behind him who immediately pretended that it was an accident.

“Sorry, sorry, it’s an accident to me.”

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The entire incident was captured on closed-circuit television footage of the warehouse which was played in court.

Gave Victim $10 for Panadol

Upon witnessing the aftermaths of the incident, a warehouse safety officer went over to help the victim and gave him a chair to sit. The victim used some tissue paper in an attempt to stop the blood from oozing from the back of his head.

Just like every evil-doer trying to cover his tracks, Fauzie, sly as a fox, then said “sorry” once more and placed S$10 in cash on the victim’s lap, asking him to use it to buy Panadol pills.


Clearly seeing through Fauzie’s lie, the victim left the money on a table and did not pocket it. 

After the safety officer contacted the police, the victim was taken to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. He did not require any sutures and was given three days of medical leave.

His employer, online grocery retailer RedMart, reimbursed him for his medical bill of S$130.60.

Fauzie’s Previous Mistake

A week prior to the incident, Fauzi had failed to properly secure the batteries of a pallet jack, causing the batteries to drop.

Witnessing this, the victim, like every other good worker would do, told the company management. This led to Fauzi being suspended from using a pallet jack for two weeks.

Additionally, Fauzi made another mistake: he threw the pellet at the victim, despite knowing that the warehouse’s work safety rules prohibited all workers from using their bare hands to move pallets due to their weight. All workers must use pellet jacks to move any pellets.

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Jailed for Three Months

On Thursday, July 28, Fauzi pleaded guilty to voluntarily causing hurt to the victim by using a weapon likely to cause death.

The 40-year-old Singaporean was jailed for 12 weeks, or about three months.

Fauzi broke the rules thrice. Once when he failed to properly secure the batteries of the pallet jack, twice when he did not follow the warehouse’s safety rules banning workers from using their bare hands to move pallets, thrice when he belligerently injured the part-time packer.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Heershan Kaur described what Fauzie did to the boy as a “calculated and deliberate attack” and that Fauzie’s offer of S$10 showed his lack of remorse.


District Judge Christopher Goh told Fauzie that the victim’s injuries could have been much worse.

“You did this because you probably did not think about the consequences… Learn from this lesson. You have committed an offence, you serve the sentence and you look forward,” the judge added.

No matter how angry you are, violence is never the answer.

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