Pay $15 & You Can Fill Up a Bag Full of Clothes in a Peninsula Plaza Thrift Shop

Tired of looking at your wardrobe and feeling like you have nothing to wear?

We have a solution for you.

And it won’t burn a hole in your pocket at all.

Fill a Bag Full of Clothes

You can now grab all the clothes you want at Cherry Thrift Shop for a grand total of $15.

The catch?

It has to all fit in a plastic bag provided by the store.

The “Fill a Bag” event will last from 26 to 28 May and is held from 12pm to 7pm across all three days.

Book Slots to Enter

To participate in the event, you will need to book a slot to prevent overcrowding in the shop. You can do so here.

To confirm your booking, simply pay the non-refundable $15 deposit. After which, the shop will send an invoice of payment via Instagram DM which you will show at the entrance of the shop when you arrive. Easy peasy.

Each person has to make their own booking so if you are bringing along a friend, make sure both of you book slots individually.

You cannot, however, share the plastic bag. But it is already well worth your money so don’t be so kiasu lah.

Each plastic bag fits up to nine to 10 pieces, depending on the items you pick. That is definitely going to test your packing skills, so do come prepared.

You can find Cherry Thrift Shop at #05-15 Peninsula Plaza.

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Vintage Pieces and Many More

Thrifting might have been a thing of the past, but it has recently started to gain popularity once again.

Besides getting clothes at a cheap price, thrifting is branded as an environmentally-friendly activity, simply because clothes are reused.

But, of course, fashion tastes differ for each person. So what stocks does Cherry Thrift Shop have?

A quick look at their Instagram page shows many vintage pieces and 2000s fashion items, ranging from tops to bottoms.

So head down to the shop for a haul that will definitely be a huge bang for your buck!

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Featured Image: Instagram (cherry.thriftshop)