Top Paddock – The Cafe With The BEST Hotcakes In Australia


Melbourne is quite well known for being a café heaven – some even have a sole purpose for brunching.

There, one of the well-known cafés would be Top Paddock. They have a creative twist on everyday food, as well as including a thoughtful and efficient service to the spacious tables that encourages you to actually enjoy your brunch.

One of their well-known foods would be the hotcakes (it sounds so…”brunch”, right?). Everyone would normally pour their maple syrup to make up for a very bad hotcake.

But, here, they won’t drown it as they have hotcakes which have a balance of flavour and a splendid texture contrast.

If you get a seat out on the terrace on what was a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne, you’ll not only enjoy the great food, but get a splendid view as well!

Image: Huckerby

It had a ‘clean eating’ theme that is really unique as it stands out and also it looked spectacular. In general, it is stylish and the food is great. In terms of brunch, it’s not astronomically expensive.

Thus, if you’re going to Melbourne, I would suggest that you go to Top Paddock. Every dish here is not only executed with masterly fine technique but is presented with an extremely aesthetics pleasing manner.

Oh, and don’t forget to try their signature hotcakes, Blueberry & Ricotta hotcakes, which are served with berries, organic maple, seeds and double cream. Yummilicious!


Top Paddock
658 Church St
Richmond VIC 3121
Mon – Fri: 7am4pm
Sat – Sun: 8am4pm

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