Topped Bubble Tea At R&B Tea is The Next Big Instagram Thing

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At first glance, you might expect R&B Tea to be the Bruno Mars of Bubble Tea. Coz R&B.

But do not be mistaken; rather than standing for Rhythm & Blues, the name is derived from the initials of the Taiwanese owners, Rex and Bruce.


R&B Tea Singapore Facebook Page

Having missed bubble tea from home while working in China, R&B Tea decided to team up and venture into the bubble tea arena. And what a good decision that turned out to be, seeing how over 500 R&B Tea outlets have turned out in China and Vietnam.

Image: Foody

Now, Singapore has no lack of bubble tea chains. In fact, take a walk down any street in Singapore and you will probably see either Koi, Gongcha or Liho at some point.

But being Singaporeans a.k.a. bubble tea fanatics and particularly adventurous people, we definitely wouldn’t mind having another chain to test some taste buds. So imagine our surprise when R&B Tea opened an outlet here!


Our prayers have been answered!

Tea Cream-Topped Bubble Tea

If you’ve never heard of R&B Tea before, let me just run through why it’s so damn worthy of all the hype.


With more than 30 tea-based concoctions ranging from fruit-loaded brews, macchiato tea capped with oolong tea-infused milk foam or cheese cream, pearls, to multi-coloured tea concoctions swirled with yogurt and milk, R&B Tea’s pretty much got something for everyone.

Also, R&B Tea’s the only milk tea joint offering the Oolong Tea-Cream, a silky tea-infused foam dolloped nicely atop specially-selected tea blends.

Just look at that cream!!! Image:

Apart from being downright elegant and delicious, the creamy topping just about blends in perfectly with R&B Tea’s line of fragrant teas.

And did I mention its line of premium signature milk teas?

The Roasted Oolong Tea, for instance, gets its smoky fragrance from tea leaves that are carefully roasted for 5-12 hours over charcoal, to release the smokiness and sweetness from the leaves.


Top it with the Oolong Tea-Cream and you pretty much have the world’s antidote in your hands.

Even if you’re more of the fruity kind, you’re in safe hands. R&B Tea is also known for its fruit teas, especially the Mighty Luffy (SGD6.80)…


And the Devil’s Booster (SGD 4.20).


With generous services of sliced fruits in the tea, these selections are perfect for cleansing your palate after a heavy meal, or for a quick thirst-quenching break!

Last but definitely not the least, R&B Tea has a tendency to import the hottest bubble-tea trends over from Taiwan. A prime example?

Brown Sugar Boba Milk.

Image: R & B Tea Singapore Facebook Page

Made from fresh milk and pearls, this beauty has been sweeping Taiwan by storm. And the primary reason’s none other than their irresistibly soft and chewy tapioca pearls.

Cooked for more than 3 hours with a special in-house brown sugar recipe, the brown sugar lends the warm, soft pearls a deep caramel flavour and fragrant aroma. Thereafter, fresh milk is added to create a flawless, creamy contrast to all that sweetness

Feel tempted just by reading it? Yeah, that’s how amazing the Brown Sugar Boba Milk is touted to be.


And it also speaks volumes about R&B Tea, which somehow managed to procure it just for the bubble tea-hungry Singaporeans. From the bottoms of our hearts, thank you R&B Tea.


You might be surprised to know this, but unlike other Bubble Tea chains, R&B Tea’s outlet is actually hosted in conjunction with one of our favourite local food courts:

Image: MyFatPocket

Having opened its first outlet on 21 September 2017, R&B Tea would go on to open another one month later in Toa Payoh. While this is just speculation, we are willing to bet our bubble teas that a third one will probably pop up within the first half of 2018. Gotta share the joy with other parts of Singapore, right?

So anyways, if you guys are keen to check R&B Tea out, here are the details:



1. R&B Tea Marina Square @ Cookhouse 
6 Raffles Boulevard #04-101/102

2. R&B Tea @ Toa Payoh
470 Toa Payoh Lorong 6

Open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Enjoy! Oh and remember.

Get one for us too! 😉


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