Tosh Rock Slams Haters of Ah Girls Go Army; Said That Results Don’t Lie

After Ah Girls Go Army was released in theatres on Chinese New Year (1 Feb), it managed to earn a whooping $1.15 million on the box office in 3 days.

The results are impressive all things considered; I mean, we’re living in COVID-19 pandemic Singapore, we are Singaporeans who might not necessarily go out of our ways to watch a movie, and the media industry in our country is… lacking, at best.

Despite Ah Girls Go Army’s shining results, it has received equal, if not more, amount of flak in terms of negative reviews, from The Straits Times calling the movie “as funny as a positive coronavirus test”, to people questioning if the film is a 2-hour long advertisement with reused jokes and horrible slap-stick humour.

To make things even sweeter (or worse, it depends), the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) even stepped forward to promote their own series on women’s Basic Military Training, of arduous training, grit and grime, making their disapproval apparent.

Or maybe it’s just the salt that their seven-episode series received less attention when it was issued in 2015?

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Tosh Rock from ABTM Slams Haters in Response

In response to all the loud vitriol flooding the internet about Ah Girls Go Army, Singaporean Actor Tosh Zhang, better known for his role as Sergeant Ong in Ah Boys to Man, took it to Facebook to celebrate the movie’s success whilst overriding the haters by saying “the silent supporters will always be even louder eventually by going to the cinemas and buying the tickets”.

His full post read:

“AH GIRLS GO ARMY has just broken the SGD$1 million mark at the box office within a few days of release. What does this show? The haters might seem very loud online with their disdain for the film and saying it will be an absolute box office flop, but time and time again since ABTM 1 the silent supporters will always be even louder eventually by going to the cinemas and buying tickets to show their love & support. I’m immensely proud of the AGGA cast, it has not been easy for them facing so much negativity online but results and numbers don’t lie. Congratulations! 💪”

Empathy pervades his entire post as he recalls his experience on Ah Boys To Men—which genuinely skyrocketed him to stardom and became one of his defining acts—and sees the parallels between the reaction to the two movies’ initial launch.

Those that said that Ah Boys to Men wouldn’t be successful were dead wrong when the franchise managed to run for four movies and consistently garner good movie box office results.

The Fire Burns Hotter on Instagram

Compared to the relative tameness of his Facebook post, Tosh Rock was far more scathing in his words on Instagram.

Under the screengrab of his own Facebook post, Zhang added: “And what are the haters gonna say now? As usual, they will say SG audiences are low class and have no taste. But you know who are truly the low-class ones? Y’all loser ass haters spouting negativity constantly and putting It down. Understand this – what you say about others says more about you than it says about them. Stay salty and keep the mediocre hate coming while the franchise continues to be a success a decade on.”

There is a saying that all publicity, whether bad or good, is still good publicity.

In the end, it’s possible the hate has stirred fence-sitters to go and watch the movie themselves before they cast their own judgement on the film.

As for what Tosh Rock describes the haters and how their actions and words reflect back on them…

Hey, if the shoe fits, then wear it.

Be Loud and Proud

Of course, with Tosh Rock acting as the spokesperson for Ah Girls Go Army, a fitting gesture considering how he’s always been akin to a “leader figure” in his reprises on the franchise, his fellow actors and actresses were right behind him with their support.


The cast themselves are ecstatic about the movie’s success as they attached either photographs from the filming process or their appearance at the theatres to show their pride and unrelenting support for the movie that thrust them into the spotlight.


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Ah Girls Go Army’s success in the box office is an undeniable fact: presently, a week after its release, it has already achieved $1.28 million, a record-breaking high for a Singaporean local film.

Regardless of what the haters are saying, Ah Girls Go Army is already a winner.

The negativity is just a sprinkling of salt on a large pile of money, but Singaporean currency is plastic and metal, impervious to the almost negligible toxicity of the reviews. 

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Featured Images: Facebook (Tosh Rock & Tosh Zhang)