Fugitive Couple Was So Confident of Their Escape, They Were Hugging & Holding Hands Before Getting Nabbed

After absconding for 37 days, the Luxury Goods Fugitive Scam Couple have finally been caught.

Image: Singapore Police Force

Based on the surveillance footage that Shin Min Daily News received from Bookme Hotel in Johor Bahru, the couple were taken off guard when the plainclothes police suddenly surrounded them.

The Arrest

On Thursday (11 Aug) at around 6:15pm, Pi Jiapeng and Pansuk Siriwipa, aged 26 and 27 respectively, were seen escorted by Singapore Police Force (SPF) officers at Woodlands Checkpoint. The officers were holding onto two black bags, which is believed to contain the couple’s belongings that were found at the hotel.

According to the personal findings of the Chinese newspaper reporter, the couple were spotted at a budget Bookme Hotel near AEON mall in Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru, on 11 July.  

Image: Google Maps

From the obtained surveillance footage, the couple could be entering the hotel hand-in-hand, and when they were waiting to check into the hotel, they were hugging and exchanging intimate gestures.

After the three plainclothes officers surrounded the couple for questioning, they spoke for two to three minutes before one of the officers told Pi Jiacheng to brace his hand on the wall so he could conduct a body search.

Image: Shin Min Daily News (新明日报)

The police scoured the hotel for nearly five hours, while the couple sat next to each other the whole time. It was only later in the evening when they were brought away by the police.

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The Lead-Up to Their Arrest

If you need a summary of the luxury goods fugitive couple’s misdeeds, you can watch the video below:

But the gist is that they have swindled over 180 victims by failing to deliver the luxury goods that their customers ordered from them, before pocketing the money that was paid upfront and fleeing the country.

Ever since the arrest warrants and Interpol red notices went out for the luxury goods fugitive couple on 16 July, the SPF has been working with its foreign law enforcement counterparts to track down the couple and bring them to justice.

SPF said they received information on Wednesday (10 Aug) from the Royal Thai Police that the couple may be temporarily lodging in a Johor Bahru hotel.

Immediately, the SPF sought the assistance of the Royal Malaysian Police to find the couple.

The warrant of arrest was executed by the Royal Malaysian Police in Johor Bahru the very next day.

The couple were handed over to the Singapore Police Force on Thursday.

They will be charged in court on Friday.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News (新明日报)