About 280K People Crossed the SG-JB Borders on Fri & Sat; ICA Warns of Jam During Return Trip

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Long weekends are hard to come by.

May technically started on a good note; with Labour Day falling on a Sunday, it’s mandatory that Monday is declared an observed public holiday, and Hari Raya Aldilfitri happens to fall on a Tuesday.

All in all, it means that there’s a four-day-long holiday to enjoy, which isn’t surprising that many Malaysians have decided to home to celebrate the festivities, and Singaporeans have crossed the borders to indulge the festive cheer and enjoy the entertainment that the country can provide,

(Plus, it’s a lot cheaper too.)

280,000 Travellers Departing Singapore for Malaysia

According to the Immigrations and Checkpoints (ICA), nearly 280,000 people crossed the borders of Singapore to Malaysia.

In a public statement issued on Sunday (1 May), ICA told the travellers to expect a high number of returnees which will result in traffic congestion at the land checkpoints.

For the same reason, the ICA gives the travellers a few pieces of advice:

  • Plan ahead of time and remember to take in account the time needed for immigration clearance.
  • Avoid returning to Singapore during the peak hours between 8am and 1am on Wednesday.
  • You can always monitor the traffic conditions by checking the ICA’s Twitter and Facebook website for road conditions, as well as the One Motoring website.
  • Instead of using private transport, opt for public transport such as cross-border bus services which have their own dedicated lanes.
  • In order to avoid custom clearance delays, ensure that your passports have a remaining validity of at least six months.
  • Please do not bring in prohibited items, KFC included.
  • Please observe the traffic rules and maintain lane discipline to ensure that the immigration process goes smoothly for everyone.

If all else fails, remember there’s always the tried-and-true method from the ancient times:

Walking across the bridge.

You’ll probably be faster than the cars that are stuck in the traffic and moving at a snail’s pace.

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Minor Details to Take Note of For Travelling

The ICA also reminds long-term pass holders that they need to notify the relevant government agencies regarding the changes in their particulars.

For drivers of foreign-registered vehicles, they must possess a valid vehicle travelling permit, an approval e-mail from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and a valid Autopass card,

Since we’re under a Vaccinated Travel Framework, visitors must submit their SG Arrival Card with their health declarations attached within three days of their arrival to Singapore.

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