US Has Now Reclassified The Travel Threat Level for S’pore to…’Unknown’

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On Tuesday (4 Jan), the United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has relisted Singapore in its travel advisory to the status of “unknown”.

The CDC states that these precautions are because it’s uncertain if fully vaccinated individuals are capable of carrying other variants, especially since the Omicron variant has proven itself capable of infecting those previously immune or vaccinated.

What this signifies is that America is telling its citizens to follow Travel Health Notice (THN) levels guidelines, wherein “unknown” means the most dangerous Level 4, which advises Americans to avoid going to such countries altogether.

Excuse me, country with a record spike of one million COVID cases due to reporting delays over the New Years, are you sure you want to classify Singapore, or any Southeast Asian country for the matter, as dangerous, when you are well into the seven digits?

Because in terms of graphical peaks, you almost put Mount Everest to shame.

The Greatest Irony

Granted, Singapore has its own struggles with 438 Omicron cases confirmed on 4 Jan, with 91 local cases and 347 imported, tallying up to a total of 842 new COVID cases, but it is still within a manageable range.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) reports that only 181 patients have been hospitalised and a little less than half of our Intensive Care Units are being utilised, with at least 88% of our population having one vaccine shot at least.

Objectively speaking, Singapore is doing modestly well compared to the continent across the ocean.

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According to John Hopkins Hospital, COVID cases had climbed up to 485,363 cases on Monday alone (3 Jan), which is the highest single-day number which rivals India’s delta surge, when 414,000 people were misdiagnosed on 7 May 2021.

Google Statistics-wise, the US also stands to have the most amount of COVID cases in total at 57 million, and proportionally the highest death toll of an estimated 828,000. 62% of its population has also been vaccinated.

Perhaps the previous US administration places a greater importance on feelings and opinions rather than objective and factual numbers, but the joke has already been unwittingly made, no?

Before trying to point fingers and saying that it might be the fault of other countries, perhaps you should look at your own geographical terrain and solve your own domestic problems first.

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