We Tried Ah Mah Homemade Cake in The Seletar Mall & We’re Loving The Cheese More

Are you the sort who queues up for hours just for something? Food in particular?

I’m the sort that walks into the hawker centre, spots the shortest queue and strolls towards it.

But apparently, my colleague was kind enough to queue for 1 hour just so that I could taste this homemade sponge cake in The Seletar Mall.

Image: redbubble.net

Of course, then I knew it’s because they wanted me to write a review for it. Chey.

I’ve previously tasted this because my sister was as crazy, err I mean as lovely, as my colleague, to queue for this. But I guess my taste buds benefited from this so I can’t say a thing.

So here it goes.

You know the recent craze regarding Castella cakes? Do you know why is it called Castella?

Let me tell you why.

I heard from my friend, Wikipedia, that Castella also known as カステラ Kasutera, is a popular Japanese sponge cake made of sugar, flour, eggs, and starch syrup.

The cake was brought to Japan by Portuguese merchants in the 16th century. The name is derived from Portuguese Pão deCastela, meaning “bread from Castile”.

Woo, now we know how this soft, bouncy little sweet treat was born.

But there are a few versions of it in Singapore.

Ah Mah Homemade Cake

Image: 8days.sg

Ah Mah homemade cake originally came from our neighbours, Malaysia. Business was so good that they expanded to 14 outlets across the country.

And of course, it has to come to Singapore because I contacted them.

Heh, kidding. They came to make more money, from Singaporeans.

These cakes are freshly baked everyday so expect the best every single you MIGHT want to queue for it.

What’s cool is its recipe.

They use milk, eggs and quality flour without adding water, preservatives or colouring. How on earth do you make a cake without adding water? I mean, not even a single drop?

Hmm… skills I guess. Oh, with that said, no preservatives and colouring, sounds healthy, ain’t it?

The Taste

Like sponge cake. But not the ones you buy from Giant or Fairprice because its Original flavour costs $8, cheese $11 and chocolate $13.

Image: YouTube

It’s extremely soft, bouncy and moist.

I’m surprised that it actually tastes good without butter. Yup, they don’t use butter. When I bake cakes, I spam the butter so… you know the reason why. Butter heaven.

But no, no butter but still taste great! What sorcery.

But I warn you first, though it’s fluffy and eggy, it’s LIGHT.

So some of you out there might find it not so flavorful. But it’s okay, I tried both the original and cheese flavoured ones so I can advise you on both.

Try the cheese if you prefer something not so bland. And it’s cheese, it can’t go wrong.

I haven’t tried chocolate cause I’m waiting for someone else to queue for me. Can someone tell me how it tastes? Is it like Nutella?

Location: Bukit Panjang Plaza #01-08, VivoCity #B2-K7, JCube #B2-K12, The Seletar Mall #B1-K12

Le Castella

Image: nylon.com.sg

Apparently, this brand was the one which started our love for sponge cake and they are from Taiwan. No wonder Nylon said that people queued for 4 hours just to put this into their mouths.

There are 2 flavours to choose from: the original and cheese. Say cheeeeeese.

I won’t go to Tampines just to taste this. So… *flips hair* next option, please.

Image: 24.media.tumblr.com

Location: Tampines 1, #B1-32


Image: nylon.com.sg

BreadTalk have meh?

Apparently so. It’s not exactly Castella but since it’s close to, and is a form of sponge cake, they deserve to be featured. And in all honesty, I love BreadTalk’s cheesecake.

The name is kawaii though, it’s called Pong Pong Cake ($8.80). And they have since created another version – Oh, behold… salted egg yolk.

I haven’t really seen it around in my neighbourhood though. Can anyone enlighten me?

Location: Selected BreadTalk outlets at Causeway Point, Chinatown Point, Novena Square, Paragon, Toa Payoh HDB Hub, Vivocity and Westgate

Oh, selected BreadTalk outlets. No wonder. But salted egg yoke eh, I’ll go shop after work.

So there you go, an honest-to-god review about Ah Mah homemade cake plus a couple of other Castella cakes in Singapore.

Really, you’re welcome!

And oh, like what I’ve mentioned earlier, we got it from The Seletar Mall. That’s one more reason to visit the place, but how about me giving you yet another reason?

Correction: how about me giving you three more reasons?

The mall, in conjunction with Halloween, has organized a dress-up contest, the Spooky Masquerade Contest. You can join the contest by registering for free here: http://bit.ly/masqueradecontest

Why join, you ask. For a start, you’ll get a goodie bag worth $50 if you’re the first 300 to register (still valid!), and there are vouchers from Swensen’s or Pet Lovers Centre in the bag!

Secondly, you get a chance to have a meet-up with JianHao Tan, the YouTube celebrity.

Thirdly, you get to have fun there. Here, see what we meant by fun.

You should have noticed that the baby was smiling non-stop, because it’s that fun.

So don’t say we bojio. Register here or check out more details here!

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